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planet of crossing
It is an ancient symbol of the Planet of crossing, Nibiru. Ancient Sumer and ancient Mesopotamia, and surrounding peoples honored this symbol. It represents the planet of the Anunnaki which visited earth many many years ago and have promised to return. Their visit left many megalithic structures imposable to make today. So the symbol is a positive symbol I think.

The Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye Chakra, known as "ajna", is associated with the balancing of the higher and the lower selves. It is also associated with promoting inner peace.

The Conch
In Hinduism, the conch is an attribute of the god Vishnu. The conch shell is thought to have been the original horn. The right-turning conch shell is symbolic of the deep, melodious sound of the Buddhadharma, which awakens one from the deep sleep of ignorance and urges one to do good for oneself and for others.

HEAVEN ON EARTH The Pattern of the Sanctuary Key words: Heavenly City, devine pattern, 12 gemstones and 12 fruits of the Tree of Life The plan of Magnesia, Plato`s ideal community decribed in the Laws was based on his first principle that “no state can find happiness unless the artist drawing uses a divine pattern” The pattern he used was the central feature of the traditional Heavenly City diagram, the circle of Earth within a square. The width of both square and circle in the cosmological model is 7920 miles and in the Holy City or sanctuary model 7920 ft. The heavenly Jerusalem – 12 gemstones and the 12 fruits of the tree of life –and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Revelation 21-22

Squaring the Circle
Squaring the Circle is a geometric exercise of taking a circle (in this case, the largest one) and creating a square with the same area using only a compass and a straightedge. This process can only be approximated, as such, "squaring the circle is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible" (Wikipedia) The proportion of the smallest circle to the medium one is equal to the ratio of the size of the moon to the Earth (3:11 or about 27.3%).  Coincidently, 27.3 is also the number of days it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth, and is a proportion found elsewhere in the movement of heavenly bodies. The suggestion of a yin yang symbol originating from the 'moon' is a representation the moon's influence on the tides of the Earth, the calm and the storm - a reminder of the cosmic influences that created life on Earth and provide for our continued existence.

„ETERNAL CREATION“ ring or pendant key words: INSPIRATION – NEW ERA – UNLIMITED POTENTIAL We are at the threshold of a new era with unlimited potential we carry within This is a design for Inspiration as we expand our consciousness to play the game in a completely new way. The design points to musical harmonies as well as a big amount of symbols of Sacred Geometry used in arts by different cultures as this diagram divides itself into an infinity of sections. This is a symbol for Creation –that comes into being – expressed in our human experience. 6.4.2013 Ernestine Kuehnl

A variant of the Fruit of Life

Orgone Energy - Spiritual Stability
I'm really new to all this. However, I feel a truth, a strong connection to the meaning and power behind the pyramids and crystals. I can't even put into word what this symbolizes. here is something that might put it into perspective. Metaphysics of Pyramids: Other cultures besides the Egyptians see meaning in the shape of the pyramid. The shape itself is very strong, being primarily made of stable triangles, and it has itself become a symbol of stability. An inverted pyramid symbolized spiritual development, as an individual became more aware of the broadness and fullness of life and spirituality. Mathematicians and alchemists find significance in the ratios of the height to the base or the lengths of the diagonals, and they can use the pyramid to solve the problem of "squaring the circle." Other people see the four sides as representing the four elements (wind, fire, air, and water) converging to a single point. Metaphysics of Crystal: The material used in a smaller pyramid, the kind to keep on one's desk or give as a gift, is usually glass, quartz, or some kind of crystal. Quartz is considered by some to be cleansing, absorbing negative energy from a room. Other crystals are popularly considered to have their own meanings. Amethyst can be used to fight addiction, and combined with the uplifting shape of a pyramid, it can be a powerful motivator to fight off addictive behavior. Rose quartz represents love, and in pyramid form it could invoke the strength and perseverance of true, lasting love or friendship

This model is inspired by a 2001 crop circle that appeared in a field in England and has fascinated me ever since. I just love the geometry of it! I worked from a picture and redesigned it digitally to obtain this model.

Beautiful Chorus Triskadecagon
This BC Triskadecagon design is a shape I've put together to represent myself and the 12 divine ladies of Beautiful Chorus. I put together this beautiful galaxy of women to sing the harmonies I had written, and we've risen to heights higher than I ever imagined... divine :)

Jerusalem City of ONE
This is a pendant for PEACE AND UNITY Jerusalem – in this City there are 3 major Religions of the World and holy places So I had in my mind- the 8 gates of the old City in the center is a part of “flower of life”

The Hooked X represents many mysteries and spiritual truths held sacred by those who came before us and may still be among us. To me it is a connection to my since of curiosity of the past. vewing this design will always motivate me to keep an open mind to our path on this planet. The circle in this design represents the circle of life that fuels the spirit of truth that resides in all of us.

pi and pyramid
pyramid for good luck and pi the universal constant has a great correlation with the pyramid

Seraphic Seed of Life Awareness Pendant
I have embedded within the line version the symbol of an eye which I use to concentrate energy, both mental and spiritual. The sacred lily version uses the line version as a base and is a representative of a very angelic flower, the lily. The lily is also a symbol of beauty and fertility. Great for the vain and pregnant!

Divine Revolver
This design , composed of the Seed of Life, Metatron's Cube, and a symbol I use to represent the barrels of a revolver, is designed for the purpose of aiding one to discovering their own divine nature and adapting to change and the future. It is better to look forward that it is to look back and dwell. Discover the power of your divine self and push onward, toward the future! As the bullet doth go forward, so doth the soul, forward, but never back.

Spiral of Time
We all want to have that extra hour a day... This model depicts the hours as they spiral out through each day of our life. The stone in the middle reminds us how precious each hour is, and the last hour is prolonged to give us some extra time, so we can finish what we started.

key of righteousness
Designed to unite the upper world with his fate, our lower world in which everything is contained, it is concealed and reveled, composing both what is above is below. That represent the complex interconnection of all aspects of creation. This design brings more light in our lives and diminishes the presence of darkness and evil in the world as a whole, so that we may brighten our lives and the world with the resplendent light of the creator.

If we want to achieve our goal, our full concentration would be on the goal. We would go on the way to reach the goal. If some interupts comes on that way we does not worry about it and our powers of concentration would be only to achieve our goal.

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David Weitzman is the force behind Ka Gold Jewelry. David has a vast knowledge in the fields of Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and other sacred concepts. David's work harnesses the power of spiritual symbols to bring those wearing them happiness, vitality, excitement, success, and love.

The Artist - David Weitzman

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