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The Reiki III

Submitted by: Lauren Crudele
Three Reiki symbols combined in one connecting design. One calls apron the Reiki energy to come forth now. One to create balance, harmony, healing in body, mind, spirit, past & present, & nature. The third, to send and receive Reiki from a distance. Please see the entry information sent along with the design that shows the three symbols that are united into one. Plus more information. Entry into the Jewelry Design Contest Heart felt greetings to David & all the Ka Gold Jewelry Family, I wish to have my combination Reiki symbols design considered for your next Jewelry Design Contest. I am including with the drawing some information to help you understand the three Reiki symbols over laid & the energy within them. The Reiki Three Placed one on top of the other are the first three Reiki symbols used by Reiki practitioners & Masters in Reiki healing sessions. Reiki is : “The primal energy of the universe being guided by the highest wisdom of the universe.” (William Lee Rand) REI: means God (Source) consciousness directing. KI: means Life force energy to heal. 1. The Power Symbol: Cho Ku Rei “Placing all the power of the universe here, now.” It is the transfer of Chi (life force energy) throughout the body. It is used for physical healing, cleansing or purification. It’s the connector with the Reiki energy at the beginning of a session. 2. The Harmony or The Mental/ Emotional Healing Symbol: Sei He Ki. “God (Creator) and Man (Human) become One.” This symbol is drawn over the area where the Reiki energy is needed. It is used for balancing and creating harmony in all nature. 3. The Distance Healing Symbol: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen “Having no present, past or future.” This symbol is used to send and receive Reiki energy anywhere and everywhere. Used to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Aids in healing the past or at a distance.
Reiki Symbols, Power Symbol, Mental/ Emotional Healing Symbol, Distance Healing Symbol. Rei means God (source) consciousness directing. Ki means Life force energy to heal. Balance, Harmony, Body , Mind & Spirit.

The Reiki III

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