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The 13 Sacred Crystal Skulls

Submitted by: Lisa Stewart
13 Ancient Crystal Skulls ~ Legend: This design was based on my love for the Crystal Skulls, the legend itself and then I incorporated Mayan style design in creating 12 skulls to go around the 13th. The Legend of the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls: (information taken from the website: Crystalskulls.com) There are very few legends that cross over cultures and times the way the Crystal Skull Legends do. They are contemporarily shared by the Mayans, The Aztecs, the Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world (and in philosophical terms, they are recorded in Atlantean and Lemurian Times). These legends have been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, which attests to their enduring power. The more you learn about Crystal Skulls, the more you realize the power of multiple Crystal Skulls. There are many cultures that have legends about Crystal Skulls, sometimes involving different numbers of Crystal Skulls. However, "thirteen Crystal Skulls" seems to be the common denominator among most Crystal Skull legends. Native American Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Deer Reagan is quoted as saying: "The Skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. The Ark was comprised of the twelve Skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle, with the thirteenth Skull, the largest, placed in the center of this formation. This thirteenth Skull represents the collective consciousness of all the worlds. It connects up the knowledge of all the sacred planets. The basic elements of the 13 Crystal Skulls legend is that at a pivotal time in humanity's history, the 13 Crystal Skulls will be reunited to awaken a new era - transforming from an old paradigm into a new world. Patricio Dominguez - Pueblo Spiritual Advisor: "The Crystal Skulls are complete depositories of knowledge and each skull contains a particular specialist area of information - like a living library [each skull is like one volume in a set of encyclopedias]. And the people who will in the future be able to 'read' the Crystal Skulls will only be able to extract all the knowledge from the Skulls once they are all assembled together... Of course, the knowledge that is going to come out from the Skulls is quite unimaginable to our current minds. But that it is definitely going to come out at a certain time is already foregone. It has been prophesied. But whether we humans then use that knowledge for good or for our own destruction is really down to our preparations." Many believe that there is a strong connection between the Crystals Skulls, the Mayans and the Mayan Calendar ending in December 2012. While there is a current belief that more than 13 Ancient Crystal Skull exist (some say 52, or 4 sets of 13), in recent years, the Mayans have spearheaded a grand reunion of North America's indigenous chiefs in an effort to unite forces towards the commonly foreseen future as recounted by the Mayan elders. According to Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Perez, head of the National Council of Maya Elders, a 13th generation Quiche Maya Spiritual Leader: "... The prophecy says now is the time of the awakening. This is your job now, to awaken. The Vale of the Nine Hells is past and the Time of Warning has now arrived. It is time to prepare for the Age of the Thirteen Heavens. The time of 12 Baktun and 13 Ahau is fast approaching, and they shall be here among you to defend Mother Earth. The prophecy says, 'Let the dawn come. Let all the people and all the creatures have peace, let all things live happily', for the love must not only be between humans, but between all living things. They said, 'We are the children of the sun, we are the children of time and we are the travelers in space. May all the songs awaken, may all the dancers awaken. May all the people and all things live in peace for you are the valleys, you are the mountains, you are the trees, you are the very air you breathe'....Now is the time of return of the grandmothers and grandfathers. Now is the time of the return of the elders. Now is the time of the return of the wise ones. And the wise ones are all of you. Now is the time to go out into the world and spread the light. The sacred flame has been kept for this purpose and now the time approaches when you will be required to love all things, to love a world that has gone crazy, to rebalance the heavens and the Earth. For the Time of Warning has come to pass, and the Warriors of the Rainbow are now beginning to be born. The Vale of Tears, the Nine Hells, is over and it is time to prepare for the 13 Heavens. The ancestors are returning, my brothers and sisters, and we do not have long. Now is the time that the prophecies will be fulfilled."
Skulls, Mayan, 13, Legend of the 13 Sacred Skulls

The 13 Sacred Crystal Skulls

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