Submitted by: Dorian
Prayer locket with "Abracadabra" triangle on both sides. This word is extremely ancient and originally was thought to be a powerful invocation with mystical powers. Shrouded in mystery, it's origins and etymology are unknown, though the word may derive from Ancient Aramaic (speculated) and translate as "I create as I speak." In Hebrew the phrase may translate more accurately as "It came to pass as it was spoken." The word is written eleven times, dropping one letter each time. It is said that the direction the Abracadabra is pointed is used for different goals. Pointed downwards, it will help you to rid yourself of evil and misfortune, when pointed upwards, it will bring good fortune. Represents the unfolding of consciousness and exerting our will into the universe. The first known mention of the incantation was in the 3nd century in a book called Liber Medicinalis written by the Roman Serenus Sammonicus.
abracadabra, spells, intention, magic, frequency, your word is your wand, i create as i speak.


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