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Vega Star - Ancient Amulet

Submitted by: Aline Ferrigno
Based on a renaissance design by Cornelius Agrippa of the Sigil of Vega (from the Book of Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars), a pale blue sapphire star, this amulet focus on bringing the good qualities of this star in the Lyra constellation into our lives. Vega is usually astrologically associated with music, poetry, idealism, generosity, beauty and artistic inspiration as well as love. The long-distance love story between Vega and the Altair (another star in the constellation of Lyra) is well known in Asian mythology. Love that surpasses all obstacles is also connected to Lyra, which is the instrument played by Orpheus - the man that could enchant beasts to sleep with his music - and that the unthinkable to try to save his loved. The center of the pendant has a faceted gemstone, could be a pale blue sapphire or topaz to represent the original color of the star, or ,as according to Agrippa, the stone usually associated with this amulet according is the olivine/peridot. This amulet should help evoke generosity, abundance, property and beauty in our daily lives. Sharing the goodness and abundance with fellow living being in a kind, inspired and higher vibrational positive way.
Vega, star, beauty, love, balance, long-distance love, love superates all hardships, Lyra, constellation, ancient, idealism, harmony, poetry, music, inspiration, art, generosity, happiness, popularity, sharing

Vega Star - Ancient Amulet

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