Prana Care

Submitted by: Casandra Tipler
Prana Care, Is the name I have chosen. Prana is Sanskrit for "breath, life force" also can mean spiritually, UNIVERSAL ENERGY!. Care because self care is the most important thing we can gift ourselves. I feel it is very fitting because I think we all should be on a journey to know THY SELF! I have been on my own personal journey of this for a while now. One of the most helpful tools for me has been Astrology. So this pendant idea was inspired because I have a deep passion for astrology and I recently have learned about rising signs, not just the basic zodiac sun signs. I used my own personal charts for this example. I am born on the cusp as many others. But to this day I have never seen or found any jewelry to show anyone on a cusp/dual zodiac let alone a rising ascendant chart. So I feel like my idea is extremely marketable because it is rare, simple, basic yet so meaning full, personal, and elegant. Everyone even those who know nothing about sacred geometry, spiritual or ancient Egyptian esoteric knowledge, or despite their own spiritual-religious beliefs most all individuals have an interest in their own astrological zodiac. The first pendant that resembles the ying-yang design is to show the duality of life, for all those born on the cusp. Both of their zodiac signs will be represented. Mine is the symbol for Cancer/Leo (CANCEO). The second pendant resembles the peace sign, which to me means how we all want inner peace, which is to dive within and to know THY SELF! To truly know yourself in all aspects it really helps to know your entire chart including your rising/ascendant. I personally thought I knew myself until I got all three of my zodiacs. The amount of peace and knowledge I have gained with this little piece of my puzzle has helped me a lot. So for the second one, it is all three of mine. I am a Cancer/leo cusp with a Pisces rising. Which all three symbols are shown. Then lastly one last subtle symbols I added was the seed of life, the egg of life, mirroring the first three hours of creation. We are all created before we are born, and take our first breath of life each one of us is born on a specific day, time, and place. Which depicts our individual astrology charts. So unique almost like a fingerprint in astrology. Which the three circles overlapping each other where the chain is to go through for the pendant. In numerology 3 is a very spiritual number for cancers. I have always loved the numbers 3, 6,9 which Nikola Tesla, said: "to know 3, 6, 9 is to understand the keys to the universe". Thank you, sending love and light to all, and to whom ever wins congratulations to you, and for the time and effort we all put into this cheers to us.
Pendant for a necklace. It's a pencil drawing, the image I would like this to look like once physically created is most similar to the material and thickness of your PHI, pendant.

Prana Care

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