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Submitted by: Jose María Gaspar Moreno
I did not make Myself known to them by My name YHWH. The text makes it clear that the name YHWH—known in scholarship as the Tetragrammaton (Greek for “four letters”)—is of great significance, marking a new era in ancient Israelite history, but it offers no explanation for its meaning. This name of the God of Israel occurs over 6.800 times in the Hebrew Bible. RAMBAM Moses Maimonides or Rambam (1138-1204), Judaism’s chief exponent of the rationalist tradition, holds that all divine names, except the Tetragrammaton, “correspond to the actions existing in the world, which reflect the different characteristic the name designates. As he states, they derive from actions. Simply put, since a fundamental premise of his negative theology is that God possesses no attributes, the referent of these names is not God but rather phenomena in the natural word. Since nature is linked to God by virtue of it being His creation, a particular name or attribute is then semiotically reoriented toward God in His capacity as the remotest cause in the long chain of natural causation. For Maimonides, YHWH is the one name of God that signifies pure divine essence stripped of all attributes.In fact, it is so detached from history and humanity that Maimonides draws on a midrash which considers God and the name YHWH to have preceded the creation of the world as an endorsement of this proposition. KABBALAH There are many more meanings for this image since our wise Kabbalists do not stop discovering new mysteries for these four letters that contain a brutal analogy, one of the last revealed secrets for these four letters tells us that Yud Hey and Vav Hey separately add the Gematria of Noah's ark above and below, the same dimensions, in Noah's time the name of God YUD HEY VAV HEY was separated, it was split in half and that is why the ark served as a bond of union, a necklace, Rashi is the one who best explains this secret to us, the ark was 15 cubits above the water (YUD HEY = 15) and 11 cubits submerged in the water (VAV HEY = 11) and these measurements together make 26, the face is 30 total height cubits, the remaining 4 cubits are the four letters YUD HEI VAV HEI, in fact it is said that the highest mountain stood 15 cubits below the ark, with which between the highest point and the lowest part of the ark there are 4 cubits, "the creator of the universe." The perfection in the mindo will happen when the two halves of the name are put together again. Zechariah says it clearly ... "On that day God will be ONE (without idolatry) and his name will be ONE (YUD HEY VAV HEY united). YHWH And The Four Worlds The four worlds correspond to the four letters of the tetragrammaton, the sacred name for God, YHWH.Each letter corresponds to a world. It represents the process through which creation occurs. The multi-level dynamics of reality itself and the individual. In other words, each letter corresponds to a layer of our being, which corresponds to a layer of reality itself. Yud, Y, corresponds to the world of atziluth, the archetypal world. According to one of the ways of seeing this fourfold relationship, it is 'the father.' It is supra-rational creativity. It is expressive by nature. Creative and intentional, yet transcendental and infinite. Hey, H, corresponds to the world of briah, the creative world. The word used for 'creative,' briah, implies creation from nothing. This is the first potential for anything non-infinite. It is 'the mother.' It is the subconscious. It is the backdrop, the prima materia, the initial elastic substance which allows for all mental and physical phenomena. Vav, W, corresponds to the world of yetzirah, the world of formation. Formation, yetzirah, implies giving specific shape to something which already exists. This is the realm of our regular, conscious mind. Our mental tendencies, thoughts, intentions, all the ways in which we use our minds, correspond to the world of yetzirah, which corresponds to 'the son.' Creation is like a pulse which flows through Y to H to W to H, and then heads right back in the other direction. This is a continuous, back and forth exchange. Thus, to say our use of mind creates reality does not cover the entirety of the process of how creation works. However, our use of mind does represent the manner in which the creative pulse returns to its spiritual source from this physical realm. This physical realm corresponds to the final Hey,H, which is the world of assiah, the world of action. This is 'the daughter,' or 'the bride.' Everything physical falls under the world of assiah. Again, creation is a pulse flowing back and forth through the name YHWH, through the four worlds. It is an ongoing process, always occurring. It occurs in the world at large, and in your world and being. To affect the world of assiah, take control of your actions. To affect the world of yetzirah, take control of your mind. Then the depths of the subconscious can be perceived and advantageously utilized. And then the infinite creative will can be attained to. 'As above, so below.' Our physical actions are mirrored throughout the four worlds, as are our mental actions. We ourselves affect the spiritual realms through our thoughts and deeds. And in so doing, the impulse is returned into our mental and physical realities. MEDITATION The visualization of this image that reveals the Godliness of each person, is a form of prayer, of Jewish meditation: 1-Sit opposite someone and let him/her know you are going to visualize the Yud Hey Vav Hey in his/her body and field of being while chanting the sacred phrase above. 2-While chanting this phrase to your partner, begin by seeing a glowing yud upon her forehead. 3 Then see the light of the yud filling the mind of the person opposite you. 4-Visualize the hey of his/her shoulders, arms, and fingers filling with Shechinah energy (in Torah, God as the cloud that comes down and fills us with Spirit; in Kabbalah the energy of the Divine Feminine within self and creation). 4-Now visualize the top part of the vav touching and opening his/her heart and then filling the spine downwards. 5- Visualize the hey of his/her hips and legs filling with the Shechina energy down to his/her toes. 6- Continue chanting until s/he is filled in this way a second time. 7- Now have your partner chant this full sequence to you 8- Then simultaneously start to chant to each other 9- This is a way to fulfill the mitzvah found in Deuteromony 6:5, “to love G*d with all your heart, your soul, and all your resources.” Also a way to "shiviti Shechinah l'negdi tamid," "to place Shechinah always before me" a visualization of King David found in Psalm 16:8. This can also be done alone, imagining someone you are concerned about who is far away, or focusing upon your own body.


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