Submitted by: Jeremy
this Model celebrates the connection of all things in life as well as their individuality. It marks the three basic individual forces in life: Possitive Negative Neutal the three prongs represent individuality. then they become connected at varius points, representing the connection one has with everone and everything else the circles can be thought of as a 'Training circle' At birth, every one begins at the biggist cricle, their world. as they progress in life their worlds becomes smaller and smaller, until they are that close to achieving perfect harmony with everything else. A buddist would call this state ' Nirvāna'. The negative space at the center of the symbol represents this state. this form of training is also discribed in the movie, The Mask of Zoro: Don Diego de la Vega: This is called a training circle, a master's wheel. This circle will be your world, your whole life. Until I tell you otherwise, there is nothing outside of it. Alejandro Murrieta: Capitan Love is... Don Diego de la Vega: There is NOTHING outside of it. Captain Love does not exist until I say he exists. As your skill with the sword improves, you will progress to a smaller circle. With each new circle, your world contracts, bringing you that much closer to your adversary, that much closer to retribution. Alejandro Murrieta: I like that part.
Spiritual new age


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