A Spiritual Mindset for Dealing with Coronavirus

I know you must be tired of hearing that word (Coronavirus) and all the news about it so I promise to tackle it from a fresh perspective. This article will not include any scray graphs and numbers but also will not claim that it is just the flu (like some presidents did). This is an article devoted to your mindset towards the coming days. A mindset based on a spiritual perspective for seeing things as they are with acceptance and calm mind.


Embracing our fears and letting them go

Fear is the gate that the fool opens and the wise locks. When fear sneaks behind you, know it is a creation of your thoughts. Clean your thoughts and fear will vanish. ” 

This is part of what is inscribed on the ring of courage. It is very easy in times like that to let our minds imagine all the worse things that can happen. It is ok and natural that it happens but at some point, we should stop and just take a deep breath and stay in the moment. Fear is part of our lives but we should acknowledge that in most cases it is extremely biased towards the worst-case scenario. We can feel it, embrace it as what it is and then let it go by changing our thoughts and focusing them on the here and now.

You need some level of information to decide how to respond. You can also choose someone you trust and let them guide you (preferably not politicians). But each time you make a decision, let the thoughts go. Just act upon your decision and let the rest of the thoughts and scenarios that are running in your mind go. Sometime it will be easier because the decision will be made for you (quarantine or lockdown). In that case, all you need to do is accept it.

Fear of death

In the base of our fears lies our fear of death. Death of ourselves or our loved ones. In Tibetan Buddhism, the practitioners meditate on their own death many times. They visualize it to the very last detail. The purpose of that practice is to experience a deep realization of the fact that we all die someday. It can be today, tomorrow or many years from now. This realization helps them free themselves from many fears that can all be summed up to the fear of death. That freedom allows then to be here and now and enjoy the smallest of things in life.

Fear and Uncertainty

This will also change

This sentence (This will also change) is inscribed on the Ring of Change. It comes to remind you that reality is in a constant state of change. When one is a believer and clings to things without realizing that this too will change and pass, he is destined to feel the sorrows of severance. This sorrow will continue until this person realizes that all things are transient. 

In times like that many of us may face hardships. Loss of loved ones, loss of assets and businesses. It is important to keep in mind that like the good things the bad things also change. Our suffering comes from clinging to things and from aversion from the bad things. The acceptance of both good and bad as transient lets us develop some peace of mind and a more balanced perspective.


Giving and helping others

When life becomes full of fears we tend to want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In that process, we easily forget the weak and the needy. But changing your mindset and focus on helping others can do wonders in your life. It can bring a deep sense of connectedness and awake the universal love in you. Focusing on helping others is like a highway for spiritual awakening…


There is a lot of uncertainty regarding what the future holds for each of us. Coming to it with the right mindset will help us go through it and deal better with whatever comes upon us. And the wonderful thing about it is that having the right mindset is your choice and it is made moment by moment in the now.

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