Medical Astrology

What does it mean when people say “it’s written in the stars”? It means something happened because it was meant to be, that it’s fated, etc. But can we actually “read” what the stars are telling us? According to Astrology, yes we can. Astrology is the study of the relative positions and movements of heavenly bodies and their influence in our lives and the natural world. 

When it comes to our health and healing, astrology also offers a correlation between the planets and the astrological signs with the different parts of our body and the illnesses or diseases associated with them. This is a specific branch of Astrology aptly called medical astrology. 

Medical Astrology in History

Medical Astrology has long been used in traditional healing systems like Ayurveda (6000 BCE). It was called Iatromathematica in ancient Greece. It deals with calculating the positions of the planets in order to assess the condition of a patient. It developed out of Hermetic Philosophy as guided by the principle “As above, so below. As within, so without”. It means that the macrocosm of nature and the cosmos is reflected in the microcosm of the human body.

During the Middle Ages, Medieval astrologers attributed epidemics on certain combinations of the planets that were deemed dangerous. They studied the motions of the celestial bodies and used them to guide the treatment of individual patients. Physicians at the time were expected to understand the influence of the stars on the different parts of the human body and the medications that should be used.

Current-generation medical astrologers predict potential illnesses and choose the best times to proceed with surgery or other medical procedures.

Astrological Influences and Their Health Effects

The Sun, the Moon and the Planets

    • Sun – relates to vital energy and heart functions

    • Moon – relates to the hormones, fluid balance, and the emotions

    • Mercury – relates to the nervous system and to the nervous activity

    • Venus –relates to lymphatic function, tissue tone, sugar metabolism, and nutrient assimilation.

    • Mars – relates to oxygen metabolism and sex drive

    • Jupiter – relates fat and liver metabolism, blood circulation and cellular nutrition

    • Saturn –relates to nerve tissues, the skin, tendons, joints, knees, teeth, spleen, leg, bones, phlegm 

The Zodiac Signs

    • Aries – rules over the head, brain, face, eyes, adrenal glands, suprarenal glands, pineal gland (3rd eye). Aries individuals are susceptible to headaches and head bumps.

    • Taurus – rules over the ears, mouth, teeth, neck and vocal cords. Taurus individuals are prone to neck strains and sore throats.

    • Gemini – rules over the upper torso (shoulders, airways, nervous system, lungs, hands, and arms. Gemini people tend to be restless, jumpy and prone to nervousness.

    • Cancer – rules over the breasts, the stomach, alimentary canal, and upper liver. Cancer people tend to toggle between emotions quickly.

    • Leo – rules over the back, spinal cord and heart. Leo people are susceptible to back pain because of over-exertion and cardiovascular problems.

    • Virgo – rules over the intestines and the pancreas. Virgo people are susceptible to Type II diabetes and should be mindful of their diet.

    • Libra – rules overbalance, the adrenal glands, kidneys, ureters, loins, the skin, lumbar region and the back of the body. Libra people are prone to kidney problems, skin diseases, and back problems. 

    • Scorpio – rules over the blood, the genitals, the nose, bladder, urethra, prostate, ovaries/testes, pubic bone, sigmoid colon, and pubic bone. Scorpios are susceptible to UTIs, pregnancy complications, menstrual disorders, prostate issues, impotence/priapism.

    • Sagittarius – rules over the lower liver, hips, thighs and sciatic nerve. Sagittarians are prone to liver problems and should avoid over-indulgence. 

    • Capricorn – rules over the teeth, skin, knees and the entire skeletal system. Capricorn people are susceptible to knee injuries and fractures.

    • Aquarius – rules over the circulatory system, the joints, calves, and ankles. Aquarians are vulnerable to lower extremity injuries and joint problems.

    • Pisces – rules over the feet, the lymphatic system and body fat. Pisceans are prone to obesity as they age, bunions and callouses.

Uses and Benefits of Medical Astrology

One’s horoscope is an accurate description of that person’s unique constitutional makeup, his body’s weaknesses and the strength of his immune system. Using a person’s horoscope, a medical astrologer can identify the underlying causes of health problems, recommend the kind of treatment the said person will best respond to and suggest when to begin treatment in order to reap the maximum benefit. 

    1. Preventive medicine – Medical astrology makes clear the psychosomatic relationship between body and mind, revealing the deeper karmic and psychological reasons behind a person’s condition or illness. A medical astrologer can tell thru astrological forecasting what health challenges a person will face and when they are likely to appear allowing for preventive measures to be taken.

    2. Effective Treatment Plan – According to a person’s psychosomatic makeup as assessed using the natal horoscope, this person will have his own individual response to different treatments and therapies. In short, everyone heals differently and should not be subject to the kinds of treatments that are basically “one-size-fits-all”. The medical astrologer is able to choose the most effective healing modalities for a particular patient. For example, Cancer people will respond better to art therapy, psychotherapy or psychic healing while Taurus people respond better to bodywork or nutritional therapies.

    3. Timing of Treatment – Understanding solar, lunar and planetary cycles enable medical astrologers to choose the best time for patients to begin fasting and purification treatments; when to undergo surgeries or other major medical procedures; when to conceive or get pregnant, etc. This minimizes the risk of complications and increases the chances of healing.

Only licensed medical practitioners can legally diagnose health problems and recommend treatment. However, medical astrologers can still collaborate with licensed physicians to provide invaluable insight into a patient’s individual astrological design to highlight both the physical and psychological weak spots and offer the most effective ways to get said patient back in shape.

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