Regulus – Fixed Star

The Fixed star Regulus, also called – the “Heart of the Lion”, is one of the four bright royal stars which are positioned along the ecliptic (path of the Sun). Regulus is said to be the most royal of the fixed stars. Regulus emanations hold the nectar of the Leonian energy – a very positively charged life energy, invigorating and magnifying one’s personal will power, self-worth and drive for authentic expression.

Regulus was named by Polish astronomer Copernicus (1473-1543). It was believed that it ruled the affairs of the heavens. “If the star of the great lion is gloomy the heart of the people will not rejoice.

Regulus energy holds a kingly ruling power, radiating nobility, ambition, courageousness, charisma, and authority.

Regulus influence is said to lift up the spirits, help cure melancholy and take away anger (from Agrippa).

Regulus was associated with Raphael, the Healing Archangel and the Watcher of the North.

Regulus moves into Virgo

Because of the very slow movement of the precession of the equinox, Regulus has entered Virgo around 2012, after 2160 years in the Sign Leo. He is now only at 0.05 of Virgo and will stay in this sign for the next two thousand years. This combination of the regulus Leonian energy and the Mercurial qualities of Virgo, help mitigate the fires of Regulus from the risk of being overinflated with power and pride and gives it the potential for a more humble perspective, with a more practical outlook, exhibiting powerful mental abilities and technical skills.

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