Moon Exaltation in Taurus

Event time – September 19th, 2019 between 03:21-04:18 GMT+3.

In this wonderful event, the Moon is in its exaltation sign of Taurus and is powerfully culminating in the midheaven. The Moon is also applying to a trine (harmonious configuration) with Mars and the Sun in Virgo. Finally, Venus – the ruler of Taurus is very prominent in her own sign of Libra, further strengthening the manifestation of this combination.

During this event, we will assemble a new Lunar Talisman as well as the Lunar Phase and the Lunar Ring

The new Lunar Talisman is in the shape of a canister which contains a small glass bottle with water that was consecrated during that exact time frame under the Lunar influence. The canister also contains Jasmin flower which is one of the plants ruled by the Moon and a pearl, (also ruled by the Moon according to the ancient writings).  

Lunar Talismans

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