Buddhist Wisdom in Jewelry

buddhist wisdom jewelry

We like to share with you several designs that hold enlightening meaning that can help in seeing reality in a better perspective. The designs are inspired by Buddhist wisdom and the wise King Solomon. This will also Change The two designs are tied with a story that originated in Buddhism. The tale is about two … Read more

Infinity Jewelry

infinity jewelry

Infinity is one of the most intriguing and hard to grasp concepts in math, science and spirituality. The infinity concept appears in several of David’s jewelry designs as a means to expand consciousness beyond the limitation of our thoughts. One may argue that it is impossible for humans to imagine infinity. We can understand it … Read more

Ring Design for Men

Ring Design for Men

With the openness for gender identity, the borders of what is masculine and what is feminine become a bit blurry. It is even more so true for David’s artwork which in most cases are considered gender-neutral. But there are some ring designs that are most popular with men. In this blog post, we like to … Read more

Real Gold Jewelry

Real Gold Jewelry

Many of the Gold jewelry offered online are not actually real gold jewelry but gold plated jewelry. Real gold jewelry is made of solid gold (meaning that the complete shape is made of gold and not just the surface of it). The different type of gold used in real gold jewelry David uses 14K, 18K, … Read more

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Wedding Engagement rings

The subject of Engagement rings raises many interesting questions like whether an engagement ring is necessary at all? is Engagement ring sexist (especially if only one side eg the man buying to the other side eg the woman)? Should an engagement ring include a diamond? Does the engagement ring help to promote the couple’s relationship? … Read more

The Metaphysics of Space and Time

The Metaphysics of Space and Time

Note: Throughout the article, we will share related designs that are connected to the specific subject in discussion. You can learn more by clicking on the items and read their description. Metaphysics is the study of that which cannot be deduced through objective contemplation or investigation of material reality. It is that branch of philosophy … Read more

Lunar (Moon) Talismans and Amulets

Lunar moon Talismans and Amulets

In this post, we like to share with you several Lunar (moon) Talismans and Amulets crafted by the artist David Weitzman in collaboration with the Astrologer Michael Ofek. Lunar/Moon talismans are considered to have a very general range of helpful, protective and supportive influences. The moon is mostly known to represent emotional tides and biological … Read more

Using Healing Meditation to Heal the Body and Soul

Meditation is a powerful tool that can change one’s life on many levels. One very important level is the healing of the body from illnesses. Meditation has a significant effect on reducing stress levels. Reducing stress reduces the risk of many diseases like heart attack, cancer, strokes, respiratory diseases and more. It helps in the … Read more

The Seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon was a signet ring that once belonged to King Solomon of Israel. Jewish tradition believed the ring possessed magical powers. This ring also figured in some Western and Islamic occultism in later years as adopted from the Jewish tradition of old. The symbol on the ring was made up of two … Read more