Ring Design for Men

With the openness for gender identity, the borders of what is masculine and what is feminine become a bit blurry. It is even more so true for David’s artwork which in most cases are considered gender-neutral. But there are some ring designs that are most popular with men. In this blog post, we like to share some of them.

Clarification – the rings below are all gender-neutral and both men and women can wear them with great joy.

Five Metals Ring

Based on an ancient kabbalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month on the first Saturday night of the Hebrew calendar month.

Personalized Cosmic Sigil Ring

A one of a kind Talismanic ring that is designed to capture complex astrological energies that modify, balance and strengthen your unique inherent potentials. You will send us your date, time and place of birth as accurately as possible. Our in-house astrologer – Michael Ofek prepares your birth chart for the Talisman. Michael analyzes the chart to find the exact time that the configuration of the planets is in it’s most balancing, empowering and strengthening state in correlation with your birth chart. David will assemble the Talisman (and magically consecrate it) at that exact point in time, In this celestial window of opportunities that stress your full potential and help resolve difficult combinations.

Mobius ring

It represents a key to the endless cosmic process of cause and effect. It represents karma – the implications of everything you do in the world and vice versa. It’s also a symbol of unity and it acts as a constant reminder to look at everything outside the delusional dualistic concept of good and bad, us and them, and the “I” “ME” “MINE”.

Monad ring

At the center of the ring appears the symbol of Monad – a circle with a point in the center. Around the ring engraved in archaic Greek the only commandment for the one who is truly awake  – “Know thyself”.

Bulgakov Ring

This ring is based on one of the greatest novels ever, the Master and Margarita, by the Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov. The novel encourages the reader to raise questions regarding his own freedom, truth, courage, his role/destination and the ambition to fulfill his own free will and destiny while facing the hindrances of a corrupted regime and a hypocritical society. The great thing about this book is the two-level story, that illustrates how one must face up the truth of oneself. The repeated theme in the novel is that cowardliness is the worst of all human qualities, and that fear is the cause of all suffering.

Rebels Ring

Symbolize the personal yearning of each and every one of us for freedom, justice, and self-actualization. The intention of the ring is to inspire and encourage rebelling against convention and to promote the quest and aspiration for freedom and self-actualization.

Eye of Horus Ring

The Eye of Horus also known as The Eye of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian symbol, of protection, health, royalty, and sovereignty. The Eye was a representation of the goddess Wadjet, protector of lower Egypt, and after the unification of the two kingdoms, she became the patron of Egypt, and the eye became a symbol of royal power.

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