Holy Jordan River Water

Lake Titicaca, Black Mesa, Chichen Itza, the Jordan, the Ganges – all of these lakes and rivers have one thing in common: Sacred Waters. These rivers, springs, and lakes have a religious significance, and are known as “Living Water.” Usually, they were sanctified by mythological and religious figures.

For example, the ancient Jewish tradition set purification rules where one cleanse his body and soul in a ritual bath of pure rainwater. In Christianity, we have the famous ritual of John the Baptist and Jesus. Water is the key ingredient for life on this planet, and the ancients used these sacred places for cleansing, healing, and initiation ceremonies.

This year I visited the Holy Jordan River during my annual journey to the Galilee. It was years ago that I had discovered the power and healing properties of the place. Both the Jordan River water and it’s origins such as the Banias river are magical places where one feels alive. There are ancient trees on the banks, and on this time of year, the huge fig trees are bearing fruit.

Below is the video I took during my journey while consecrating the Sacred waters pendants and rings

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