Buying Jewelry Gift For a Man

In the 14.5 years Ka gold jewelry has been active we had numerous customers who bought our jewelry as gifts to a man. Whether it is a father/brother/son, a partner/husband or simply a friend, there are several tips one must take into consideration while looking and purchasing a jewelry gift for a man.

Does he actually wear jewelry?

Before making a decision to purchase jewelry as a gift for a man, make sure they actually wear jewelry. Many people and more so man don’t like wearing jewelry. It just doesn’t feel comfortable for them. Just think if you have ever seen them wearing jewelry and if yes then what type of jewelry was it? And this brings us to the next tip.

Look for signs to what he may like

Does he currently wear any jewelry? What is his favorite teeshirt and why? Does he have any symbols he is drawn to? What are his fields of interest like sports, spirituality, science, spirituality? Combine all that to a list of styles and symbols he may like.

Imagine you were him

After you have collected several options, try to put yourself in his shoes and imagine what will he say for each option. You have to focus hard on him first before asking yourself that question so you don’t actually act from your own preference. You need to go further to the future to anticipate if, for any reason, he may not wear it. This could be because of social discomfort, personal preference or any other reason.

Silver of Gold

Most people prefer gold over silver but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for gold. It really depends on the occasion and how much you think is right to spend on the gift. If you go for silver make sure the gift receiver doesn’t work in an environment that is acidic (which will cause silver to tarnish). One more thing to consider is if you are in a relationship with the man where you have joined accounts, spending a big amount on a gold jewelry gift, without a previous discussion may have the opposite results and create unnecessary tension…

Make it mean something

This is true to both genders but even more so to men. Find jewelry gift that transcends beyond mere beauty to become something that has meaning for him. Going the extra mile to find a jewelry gift that actually has a meaning that speaks to him will surely be noticed and win you a lot of points. It is even more so if the meaning resonates specifically with the stage he is at in his life and the challenges he is facing. Tell him why you chose this specific design and what you want it to symbolize and remind him. This will help to install the meaning and make it something of higher value.

Gift Ideas from David’s Collection

Ring of Courage
The Ring of courage is a gift for a man who faces challenging times and needs a constant reminder to be strong and act beyond fear.
The Flower of Life
The flower of life is a symbol of harmony and becoming in sync with nature and the universe. It is a great gift for men who love sacred geometry, are interested in science but still believe there is a deeper and meaningful pattern to creation.
Personalized Cosmic Sigil Talisman
A kingly gift for men who love astrology. It is personalized according to the man’s date of birth, time and place. Our in house astrologer Michael ofek will create a map and find the best possible date to assemble the Talisman.
The Four Winds Ring
A very unique jewelry gift for men who are on a journey. It can be an internal journey or actually traveling the roads. The ring was created especially for truth seekers and travelers with the intention to overcome the world’s illusions and deceptions to find the truth.

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