Using Healing Meditation to Heal the Body and Soul

Meditation is a powerful tool that can change one’s life on many levels. One very important level is the healing of the body from illnesses. Meditation has a significant effect on reducing stress levels. Reducing stress reduces the risk of many diseases like heart attack, cancer, strokes, respiratory diseases and more. It helps in the recovery from injuries and muscle-related pains. Practicing healing meditation significantly reduce blood pressure and heart rate as well as improve blood flow and oxygen level to different body parts.

Meditation as a Healing tool

Even regular types of meditation that are not specifically designed for healing has some of the described above effects. They can help you focus on the hear and now and reduce the level of worries one has regarding the future. They can also help one become more aware, accept themselves and deal with past traumas that may manifest in the future as diseases.

We like to offer these steps of healing meditation for you to practice. We try to create a simple meditation that will not take too long but will have a significant effect on your healing effort.

Healing meditation practice

  • Sit straight either on a chair or in the common meditation posture.
  • For the first 5 minutes, try to focus your mind on your breath. Every time you lose focus and thought rise, acknowledge it gently and return to your breath without feeling any stress about it. The purpose here is not to have no thoughts (impossible) but to practice awareness and focus by returning to the breath.
  • Scan your body from top to bottom while just observing the sensation in every body part without judging it. The purpose of this is to simply observe the sensation and accept them as they are without trying to change them and without trying to feel something else. Wherever you identify stress holding up in a spot you can simply let go of the stress and breath. When you finish the scan continue to next step.
  • Focus on the tip of your head and feel rivers of light entering your skull and spread throughout your body to every corner, cleaning any illness and stress that you have and transforming it to light.
  • Return to focus on your breath and be thankful for every incoming and outgoing breath. Complete the meditation.

This meditation is partly based on practices from the Vipassana course which I strongly recommend. We hope you will find value in this meditation and that you will practice it to heal your body and alleviate your soul.

Meditation for Healing

May all beings, be happy
Yaron Shaool
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