An Astrology Story

An unbelievable Horary Astrology Story
A recent story that occurred to our Astrologer Michael Ofek.
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Faith and belief are in many times a matter of perspective. Over the years I’ve received endless testimonials and stories about events that took place in the lives of my customers from all over the world after purchasing one of my designs. I’d like to share with you a story that took place about two weeks ago and our protagonist is our astrologer – Michael Ofek in the flesh.

It was during a dinner with some of his friends. The occasion was a birthday and also a new project that Michael was about to begin. The event took place in a restaurant at the Sarona Market in the center of Tel-Aviv. At the end of the celebration after a few toasts were made one of the attendants gave him a gift. An envelope with a large sum of money which was saved by him in order to help Michael in his new project. Michael knew that this sum of money was saved over a long time and was quite moved by this gesture.

When he went home and looked for his car keys he noticed that the envelope disappeared.
He went back to the restaurant, looked everywhere but the envelope vanished.

At home he decided to use Horary astrology. It is an ancient astrological procedure in which one is constructing an astrological chart for the time that the question on a certain matter was asked. Michael looked at the chart and though he is a firm believer in his craft, it was the first time that he had doubts, that was because the answer was that he will receive the envelope back and that he shouldn’t do anything. Just wait.

Michael just couldn’t perceive how that could happen, knowing that this was a very crowded restaurant and the that the envelope didn’t have any details as of its owner.

A few days later he received a phone call from one of his friends. “I saw a post on someone’s FB page. It’s about an envelope that was found in the Sarona Market. There was a note inside with the name Michael and a large sum of money. Is there any chance that it has something to do with you?”

Eventually it turned out that a guy found the envelope and published it on his FB page. It became viral with more than 5000 shares…

When Michael came to take it back he noticed that the note inside didn’t state his full name or any particular details about it’s owner, so he asked the guy he went through all the trouble why he didn’t take the money. His answer was “Karma Ra’a Ahi” – that’s Hebrew for “bad karma, My brother…”

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