Birthstones By Month And Their Meaning

A birthstone is a gemstone that reflects a person’s birth month or zodiac sign and is commonly utilized in various types of jewelry and even worn by themselves. Birthstones are thought to have special powers, and wearing them may aid in the clearing of barriers in bodily, intellectual, and spiritual levels. Furthermore, it is believed that these magical jewels can concentrate the earth’s natural therapeutic radiation on your system through touch, making you feel more peaceful and connected. Also, each gemstone has unique abilities for healing, self-realization and spiritual development.

Below are the different gemstones for the 12 months and what they signify.

Gemstones By Birth Month

Birthstones have a long history of promoting the well-being and health of those born in their respective months. Moreover, the birthstone colours enhance the symbolic properties of those gemstones. Discover your birth month below to learn more about these precious stones, their meaning, and their distinctive features.

January: Garnet

According to folklore, garnet protects the user from nightmares and provides direction in the evening for individuals born in January. The gemstone’s crimson colour represents trust, love, and determination. Wearing garnet is said to shield youngsters from bad dreams and boost general self-esteem. Garnet also protects the lungs and heart while increasing your energy level.


February: Amethyst

The amethyst gemstone is associated with monarchy, love, and optimism. This diamond soothes the soul and empowers those born in February. Furthermore, it is said to shield its users from intoxication, arthritis, and disease. Amethyst also protects the psyche and frees the person from desire. It can help people overcome difficulties and build romantic connections.


March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the original March birthstone, was thought to safeguard mariners by allowing them to remember their family members vividly while they were far off at the ocean. Aquamarine encourages innovation, optimism, self-expression, and bravery. This gemstone also increases passion, adolescence, wellness, and pleasure. Furthermore, aquamarine has historically been used to assist expectant mothers by guarding both the mother and the baby against danger.


April: Diamond

As of Greek culture, diamonds were the traditional gesture of love and the vibrant birthstone for April toddlers. This gemstone represents everlasting love and bravery. It guards people against psychosis and boosts energy, both good and negative. They may also be used to cure sickness and vertigo, purify the body, and heal allergies.

May: Emerald

The birthstone for May is emerald, which is a sign of love and renewal. It’s been connected with pregnancy, rebirth, and affection for a long time. Emeralds also represent intelligence, progress, and perseverance. Furthermore, the emerald’s vivid green colour suggests the lush vegetation associated with May and the springtime. Because of this relationship, emeralds are an excellent present for somebody who needs reassurance that winter does not remain forever or is embarking on a new phase in their lives.


June: Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl

The official birthstones for June babies are pearls, alexandrite, and moonstone. Cultivated pearls symbolize purity, devotion, sincerity, and charity. Moonstone, which comes in various colours, is renowned as a gemstone of inner power and development, fostering innovation, prosperity, and great fortune. Meanwhile, alexandrite is known as the “colour-changing stone” because its colour varies depending on the illumination, and it encourages imagination and creativity while also improving perception.


July: Ruby

July’s birthstone is ruby, which signifies bravery, intelligence, compassion, and affection. It represents life and blood and is thought to boost determination. This resemblance to the colour of blood has caused a connection with vigour and physical prowess. The gemstones are meant to protect wearers against lousy fortune, enable them to live harmoniously with others and promote mental wellbeing. Rubies inspire the separation of destructive energy from your track and cure tiredness and lethargy.


August: Peridot

Traditionally, peridots generate fortitude, fortune, knowledge and purity to people who wear them with a birthday in August. The pale green gem reduces anxiety, soothes frustration, and protects the person wearing it from cruelness, pessimism, and black magic. Peridot also strengthens the immune system and enhances the appearance of the skin.


September: Sapphire

The beautiful sapphire gemstone is portrayed in the public imagination as a sign of honesty and safety for persons born in September. It is said to bring prosperity to those who use it. Moreover, Sapphires alleviate discomfort and represent the user’s purity, intelligence, devotion, commitment, and tranquillity. Sapphires are known for their ability to heal blood problems and severe bleeding.


October: Tourmaline or Opal

According to ancient beliefs, persons born in October would benefit from the opal gemstone, which alleviates grief and jealousy. It is also resilient to breakage and abrasion. Moreover, the tourmaline gem also signifies the birth month of October. Moreover, opal and tourmaline gems are both therapeutic and regenerative stones and emblems of optimism, purity, and innovation. Tourmaline can reduce stress and promote cognitive performance, whilst Opals can boost users’ intellect and courage to live.


November: Citrine And Topaz

Citrine has long been used to guard against negativity and venomous reptiles. Today, the cheery citrine, which represents November birthdays, offers fortune and riches to those who wear it. Citrine enhances the wearer’s intelligence and reduces anxiety. Meanwhile, Topaz also compliments the month of November with its hues of brown, orange, and yellow. Topaz and citrine both improve mental and physical health and wellbeing. They also shield those who wear them from bad influences.


December: Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon, Or Turquoise

Zircon bestows knowledge, honour, and wealth on the bearer for persons born in December. Turquoise is also connected with December, giving pleasure and great fortune to those who wear it. Because the gemstone tended to change colour, turquoise was formerly thought to signify the user’s lousy health or peril. Meanwhile, Topaz promotes wellness and avoids migraines. All of the December birthstones have therapeutic powers.



Birthstones are a combination of valuable gems that correspond to the month of one’s birth. Traditionally, each gem has a particular meaning that is authentic to the bearer. There are a few months where multiple birthstones represent different attributes, providing the user with various gems to select from. Each of these birthstones has a great history and continues to provide good health and wellbeing to people worldwide who wear them.

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