Key of love and Personal Creation testimonial

Hello David,   Today I received my order and am really happy en surprised that it came so quickly! Thank you very much for your quick care and service. I really love your jewelry and especially the meaning behind every piece…. For my birthday last year I received also a silver pendant with which I am happy. … Read more

Flower of Life testimonial

Dear david!   The pendant has arrived this morning! Perfect. It arrives in time! And it’s very beautiful. In reference at the gift you could send to me when in the future I Will order another products, but i don’t know when. (Then i have to remember you!) If  you prefere send to me now, … Read more

May-June contest winner

The winning model for May- June contest winner is “Tombola” Designed by Javier Hernandez. Javier’s description for the model is: “Eternal motion of the physical and spiritual realms. The inverted axis on each circle represents that life’s eternal motion is never random. Nothing happens by accident. Life’s events are filled with purpose. There lies the … Read more

Joshua’s Testimonial

 “The pendant (Merkaba with prana sphere) arrived I put it on and felt immediate energy increase. I could feel strong steady flow of prana/lifeforce energy going into my body. I was like ‘wow this pendant really is special’ then I read the scroll that came with the card about the pendant. I am so glad … Read more