Healing Jewelry

Catholics wearing rosary beads or a crucifix and the wearing of wedding bands are only a few common examples of mankind’s tendency to use symbology and jewelry for spiritual connection. The rosary and crucifix are meant to invoke divine protection while the wedding bands, not unique to Christian culture, are a symbol of spiritual connection and, more importantly, commitment. The use of symbology is sometimes taken for granted in our everyday lives.

All things in the universe rely on energy, especially living things. It is with the use of ancient symbols and the correct metals that we can balance the energy of our lives and live them out in a healthier, peaceful, and serene manner.Mankind has used jewelry and symbology since the dawn of time.Fusing the right symbol, right metal and stone, and a certain intent or purpose can do wonders. Read more in our article: Healing jewelry – Balancing the Body’s Energy with Cosmic Jewelry 

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