Horn of Venus Talisman

New Horn of Venus Talisman

To celebrate the entry of Venus into Libra, her heavenly adobe, I’m creating our new design called “The Horn of Venus” (TUBA VENEERS). It is a Talismanic design from the famous 16 century Magus John Dee, who was a Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth I.

In a Magical text entitled “The Little Book of Black Venus” Dee gives this complicated design for a Venus Talisman, with many sigils of her spiritual hierarchy. He then gives a very long and elaborate ritualistic protocol for the creation of this Talisman, while also using a real bull’s horn. In our creation, I will create a silver or gold horn shaped talisman and will follow the usual traditional method and consecrate this Talisman under a the Venusian election stated below.

The Horn is, of course, the famous “horn of plenty” which is the symbol of good fortune and abundance. the horn is from the Bull which is one of the sacred animals ruled by Venus (as is the sign Taurus). The sigils are of the different spirits and intelligence (or spiritual powers) connected with Venus cosmic archetype. This Talisman is said to guide one to the ”Treasure”, bring abundance, success, power of attraction and charisma. It is also to improve artistic talent and other beneficial Venusian Virtues.

I will be creating this talisman in two different astrological elections:
The first date is on September 3rd 08:36-07:50 GMT+3, In the midst of an intense astrological period. This is after the Mars Saturn conjunction and a solar eclipse in virgo. There is a beautiful window just after Venus crosses from Virgo (the sign of her “fall”) to Libra (the sign that she rules), and the newly born Moon unites with her and ‘impregnates’ her beneficial powers. The Talisman will be created when the Venus Moon conjunction will rise in the east.

The second election Is on September 20th (08:25-09:00 GMT+3 Givatayim, Israel), when Venus is rising in her planetary hour, while the Moon is in the sign of Taurus, the second sign ruled by Venus which is also where the Moon in Exalted. This is another very auspicious time where the Venusian tides are high. Further reinforced by Jupiter (which moves into Libra in 9/9), And a beautiful amorous sextile (harmonious aspect) to Mars (which is also the ruler of the 7 house of relationships).


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