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Queen Alexandra Shlomzion Earrings

Queen Alexandra Shlomzion Earrings. I’ve made these earings as a gift to my mother and I offer this set of royal earrings as aspecial model for the upcoming Mother’e day. The earrings are an exact copy of earrings that were discovered in Archaeological excavations in the city of David in Jerusalem in the year… (read more)

And If Not Now, When? Ring

In my eternal journey of searching meaningful and inspirational jewels that will impact and will act as a catalyst in someone’s life I’m glad to add this ring to my collection. The engraving is in Hebrew and it’s an ancient Jewish saying that belongs to Hillel who was one of the wisest and most important… (read more)

The Sun-Uranus Talisman – Limited Edition!

The Sun-Uranus Talisman -Limited Edition! Iv’e made a limited number of the sold out Uranus Talisman. On March the 22nd 2013 between 06:22-06:50, I was able to recreate the talisman when the Sun, after entering Aries, made a bodily alignment (conjunction) with Uranus in the same degree. This alignment activated its potential with solar force,… (read more)

New Customs Rings

Here’s a question for everyone. Since I get endless requests for palin rings with personal engravings (your favorite quotes, dedications, inspirational quotes, etc…) I’ve decided to create a small number of plain rings and use the talents of my younger brother Jonathan who is a master engraver (one of the best in the world) and… (read more)