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The Vesica Pisces Ring

The Vesica Pisces Ring in silver. The structure in the ring is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation. This simple structure consists of two crossed circles, by which one… (read more)

Silver Yin Yang Cranes Pendant

A silver Yin Yang cranes pendant. One of my favorite designs…. The Yin Yang Pendant The Yin Yang is an ancient Asian philosophical outlook that sees polar opposites or opposite powers as powers that complete and define each other. Opposite powers constitute a point of relationship and they complete and balance each other. Every… (read more)

“Diligo Ergo Sum” Ring

A 14k gold “Diligo ergo sum” ring – Latin for “I love therefore I am….” (my own take on Descartes “Cogito ergo sum” – “I think therefore I am”…. The ring is set with Moonstone; the stone of love.

Queen Alexandra Shlomzion Earrings

Queen Alexandra Shlomzion Earrings in silver set with emeralds and pearls. The earrings are an exact copy of earrings that were discovered in Archaeological excavations in the city of David in Jerusalem in the year 2008. The earrings that were discovered were gold earrings inlaid with emeralds and pearls. This design was customary with… (read more)

Japanese Crane Ring

Japanese Crane Ring The Japanese crane ring contains two beautiful Japanese symbols – the crane and the cherry blossoming. The crane is a symbol of inner peace, beauty, loyalty and longevity. In some Asians cultures the crane represents eternal life. The cherry blossoming (The Sakura) is one of the important Japanese yearly events. It… (read more)