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Assembled on the 1st of March 2018 between 12:00-12:55 GMT+3

Capturing the harmony, beauty, and elegance, of this unique and emotionally colorful Venus and Jupiter trine.

As Venus gradually moves through the sign of Pisces (the sign of her exaltation) this time around, she has reached a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter, which is moving through the water sign of Scorpio this year. This is not only a beautiful and harmonious connection between the two cosmic ‘good givers’ (from the greek “agathopoios”) as this connection is further amplified by the fact that Venus is in her sign of exaltation and Jupiter is also the ruler of that sign (Pisces). Jupiter is therefore in a position to ‘receive’ Venus to his own sign and reinforce her with all his abundant resources. This auspicious trine is in water signs, amplifying its deep connection to love and emotional fulfillment, joy, happiness, and gratitude.This energy has the ability to heal deep emotional wounds and to invoke compassion and higher emotional understanding, open heart and emotional growth.

This trine is happening on a full moon (in Virgo) which even further raises the energetic power of this talisman, as the magical tradition tells us that the ambient is most charged with the virtues of the sky in the full Moon.

This is a Talisman that has the potential for deep emotional self-healing and general healing power towards others. It has an almost ecstatic, heightened feeling of joy and well being. It also affects high intuition, luck, abundance, success, and protection.