March 2012 Newsletter – What Were you made for? pendant and two Renewed Astrological Designs

This month I have celebrated my 39 birthday and I want to thank all of you for the countless blessings you sent me and to apologize that I could not answer it all. One of the things I usually do each year on my birthday is to observe this experience called life, and to check myself whether I have performed meaningful actions during the passing year. Throughout my years on this planet, I have been shocked to find out again and again that so many people live a life of dissatisfaction and lack of meaning without the ability to set free their creativity and imagination.

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“What were you made for?” Pendant
This is the reason I have decided to create the next pendant:
Inside the octahedron there is a question mark and on it engraved the sentence –
What were you made for?

What were you made for pendant

I first encountered the sentence at Haim Algranati’s – a great luthier who crafts brilliant guitars who lives in London. In a documentary movie, he said that each day he stops for 5 minutes and focuses on those five words – What were you made for? This ritual helps him find happiness and meaning in his life.

The happiest among us are the ones who managed to give their life meaning. Some people see this approach as a deterministic; one that says each one of us was made for a purpose. I prefer the perception that people are the ones who cast meaning on their life through self realization, creativity and courage. The Octahedron structure gives a definition of time and space and symbolizes consciousness. The Octahedron also represents the beginning of creation or the universe.

The question mark inside the octahedron creates a beautiful delicate chime sound that acts from time to time as a “bell of awareness“.

What were you made for pendant

The decorations on the pendant are taken from one of the Anglo Saxon jewels found at 2009 in Staffordshire Britain. These jewels were made by goldsmiths who most likely found the meaning of life in their art… 1300 years later I feel honored to re-live them again.

I hope that those of you who will buy and wear the pendant will stop every once in a while and ask themselves if they are on the right path.

What were you made for pendant What were you made for pendant
What Were you Made for?
Pendant Silver
What Were you Made for?
Pendant Gold

The Family Pendant (Not for Sale)
Though I don’t have the time for custom work Iv’e used this design for the following pendant which was made for a known radio broadcaster in Israel. He was looking for something to represent the most important thing in his life – his family. Each facet of the pyramid contains one letter of the Hebrew word for family (MISHPAHA). Each facet is a pendant by itself and the five can become one pyramid pendant which is a very stable structure.

The family pendant

Venus Jupiter in Taurus
Based on the design of the Divine love Talisman (The Venus in Pisces talisman) made for another special astrological event with Venus. Jupiter and Venus meet once every 9 to 15 month, but only rarely (in the 12 year cycle of Jupiter) in signs which they are said to be dignified in. The first talisman we made was for the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and moon in Pisces – a sign which has strong affinity with Jupiter (ruler) Venus (exaltation). the second talisman we made was two months ago when Venus enters Pisces again, projecting harmonious aspects to Jupiter in Taurus, while they are said to be in ‘mutual reception’-which means in each other’s sign (Venus in Jupiter sign-Pisces, Jupiter in Venus sign-Taurus).

Venus Jupiter in Taurus Gold and Silver
This month, we have this beautiful celestial event that can be seen in the night sky, Venus as a strong evening star (setting after the Sun, high visibility after sunset) is approaching Jupiter in Taurus, again a powerful alignment (conjunction) of the two benefices, in the sign ruled by Venus. Planets in their sign are strongly ‘dignified’, they emanate their essential nature in its purest form.

Venus jupiter in taurus

We had two dates for making the Talisman; one is the 14.3.2012 when they are in exact bodily conjunction(also forming a grand trine in the earth triplicity with Mars and Pluto- which give it strength and depth);and on the 26.3.2012 when the Moon is joining them and is said to be ‘bonafide’ in ancient literature, not only is the moon exalted in Taurus, but it is “sandwiched” by the two strongly placed benefices, which gives it protection and good fortune.

As Pisces emphasised higher emotions and spiritual love and intuition, Taurus gives a strong earthly bond, grounding the spirit and emphasizing the senses. In general the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter brings an expansion (Jupiter) of love and beauty (the aesthetic and sensual impulse). The earth sign of Taurus brings an expansion of resources, while securing and stabilizing a steady and long term physical, sensual, relational gratification. Jupiter also gives his powers of higher guidance, ethical and spiritual awareness, and optimism to the mix.

Venus Jupiter in Taurus Silver With Diamond Venus Jupiter in Taurus Gold and Silver With Diamond
Venus Jupiter in Taurus
Silver With Diamond
Venus Jupiter in Taurus
Gold and Silver With Diamond

A great symbol for a lasting union of love; physically complementing and nurturing, sensually gratifying, as well as grounded and wealthy.

The Uranus Talisman – Breaking Free!!
We have made two Uranus Talismans, one for teh time Uranus first enters Aries, the other for the second time it enters Aries after retrograding and then emerging from Pisces. Uranus will stay in Aries for approximately 7 years, and will return to the beginning of Aries (the spring equinox degree) in another 84 years (Uranus cycle). This Talisman is being fashioned when Uranus is strongly triggered by different astrological configurations while in the sign of Aries, and by planets that are now reinforcing its unique quality. On March 24, 2012, we made a Talisman for when the Sun, after entering Aries (on March 20th), made a bodily alignment (conjunction) with Uranus in the same degree. This alignment activated its potential with solar force, which is also very strong in Aries, a place of exaltation of the Sun. The first sign, and the sign of the spring where the day gets longer, and the power of light wins the forces of dark.

Uranus In Aries Talisman

Uranus in Aries Talisman

Sun Uranus, is a strong, freedom oriented, rebellious spirit. It is the “I” that acknowledges uniqueness and dares to shine its true colors! Not yielding to external power grabbers, but reclaiming power, and holding its center. It is a symbol of a highly individualized life force an uncompromising expression of ‘The will to be’ and lives the most authentic truth of the self, in spite of outer limitations and societal pressures to conform.

Uranus represents the breaking of limitations that inhibits growth and change. It represents the spirit’s need for freedom, excitement and novelty. Uranus is the Prometheus in every one of us, the passion for the “fire of the gods” and the need to share it. It is the spark of our uniqueness and ingenuity. It is the power of change, of the radically new and enlightened, the power of revolution from conformity and narrow perspectives that pushes us to evolve!

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