New Tree of Life Sefirot


New Tree of Life Sefirot
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Kabbalah Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is explained in Sefer Yetzira (“Book of Creation”). It is a representation of the thirty-two paths comprised of the ten sefirot and the twenty-two (Hebrew alphabet letters) paths through which they run. The Tree of Life describes the descent of the divine into the manifest world, and methods by which the divine unity may be attained in this life. It can be viewed as a map of the human psyche, and of the workings of creation, both manifest and not. It is important to realize that the pure nature of divinity is unity, and that the seemingly separate aspects of reality exists according to the kabbalah in the human perception which perceives a dualistic reality after the cosmic event took place during creation which is known according to the kabbalah as “Shevirat ha Kelim- the breaking of the vessels “. The Ten Sefirot were supposed to contain the divine infinite light but because of a cataclysmic event some were unable to contain this divine light and were shattered. The existence of these “broken vessels” created a dualistic perception of reality and creation and it affects even our daily human experience. Through spiritual work the world should rise from the state of chaos through the process which is known as “Tikkun” – Rectification.

The names and numbers of the ten sefirot are given in order below.
1 – Kether (Crown) or Kether Elyon (Supreme Crown)
2 – Chokmah (Wisdom)
3 – Binah (Understanding or Intelligence)
4 – Chesed (Mercy or Grace) or Gedullah (Greatness)
5 – Geburah (Severity or Power), Din (Judgement) or Pahad (Fear)
6 – Tifereth (Beauty) or Rahamim (Mercy)
7 – Netsach (Victory or Constancy)
8 – Hod (Glory or Majesty)
9 – Yesod (Foundation) or Tsedek (Justice)
10 – Malkuth (Kingdom) or Shekhinah (Divine Immanence)

The 10 sefirot together with the 22 letters constitute the “32 paths of secret wisdom”.
The Tree of Life is used as a sign of unity and divinity.

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