The Genesa Crystal

The Genesa Crystal

The Genesa Crystal
The idea of the Genesa Crystal was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist.
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Dr. Derald Langham found that the crystal reflects the cellular pattern of an embryonic living organism:
“Genesa is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development, and change”. “Genesa is a 13-dimensional process involving step-into crystals of simple geometrical forms similar to those that living energies spiral through in natural growth patterns. Through precise, meaningful movements within their energysms (life force fields), they learn to harmonize physical, emotional, mental and vital aspects of living and tune into their greater selves”.

Langham also said that the Genesa Crystal is “The full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all your goals, your desires, your motivations – even life itself.”

Dr. Langham saw the Genesa Concept as a “model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known and probe into the unknown”. He used Genesa principles in the creation of new strains of crops that fed Venezuela during WW2. The name Genesa comes from – gene South America. His book, Circle Gardening, discusses his use of Genesa principles in the shaping and contouring of garden beds to enhance plant growth. He kept a large Rainbow Crystal in his circular vegetable gardens, believing that the Crystal accumulates swirling energy from the earth and atmosphere, creating a unified field of energy that bathes the growing plants in an environment of enhanced life force.

The engraving translation on the Genesa crystal is – “Three are paths of the soul – man, liberty, light”, taken from the emerald tablets of Thoth.

The Genesa can purify any environment and can be used to amplify the Energy of the natural crystal inside . The Genesa crystal is an excellent tool for healing since the structure draws in energy, cleanses it, balances it, positively charges it and radiates it back out. It can be used not just as a pendant but also as an “energy purifier” for the house and garden.

Genesa Crystal with Stone Sterling Silver
Genesa Crystal with Stone Solid Gold

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