The Guardian of Eden and the Flower of Life by Kate Raudenbush

Kate Raudenbush is a sculptor I had the pleasure of coming to contact with a couple of months ago.
She recently sent me photos of “The Guardian of Eden” sculpture she had built. This sculpture was commissioned by the Burning Man project (an immense gathering of art, fire, dance, music and love in the Black Rock dessert in Nevada, USA.)
“The sculpture is an 18 foot tall plasma-cut steel climbable lotus flower.  Those who climb it can recline in its 12 enormous petals and can gaze into a giant mirrored seedpod at its center. At night the seed pod glows from within illuminating those in the petals’ embrace. Below, the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life projects from the center of the flower and into a star-shaped pool of lagoon blue.” Says Kate, “It was a powerful place to meditate, gather in a drum or chanting circle or even get married.”
Today the sculpture is on exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada through the end of January.
You can see in the photos here the statue as it existed in Nevada during The Burning man event – in one of the photos Kate is sitting below the progection of the Flower of Life. The other image is a detail of the glowing light below the sculpture.  

Kate also wrote: “I can only say that I am overjoyed that the sculptures’ spiritual message of rebirth and enlightenment  will reach the outside world, and hope that the people who interact with if will feel the energy and love that I put into it.
I hope you are doing well and thank you again for your inspiring work.
With love and thanks,


You are all welcome to visit her wonderful and inspiring website to view some more of her interesting creations!

Guardian of Eden

Guardian of Eden

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