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Alchemy Symbol

It was this base metal which, in the marvelous alchemy of the spiritual journey, became transmuted into gold

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Alchemy - ancient Egyptian wisdom

Alchemy is the practice of transmutation of base metals into precious metals (gold or silver) with the aid of an esoteric substance called the "philosopher's stone". Alchemy is the ability to convert and exchange one matter for another through the use of human consciousness. The word alchemy is taken from the word Chem which is the ancient name of Egypt. The correct translation of the word Alchemy is Egyptian Wisdom.

Alchemy symbols

Alchemy symbol

The alchemy pendant symbol is made from a geometric shape called the cube octahedron. Its base is an octahedron (double pyramid) whose ends were cut in a 90 degree angle. The pendant is called alchemy symbol because of its ability to transform the nature surrounding it.

Alchemy pendant

Buckminster Fuller cube octahedron

The Alchemy pendant shape and its significance was discovered by a researcher by the name of Buckminster Fuller, who found that by spinning the cube in an octahedron shape you produce all the five platonic solids. The five platonic solids produce all the possible molecular structures, meaning all the reality.

The Alchemy symbol structure and the dolphin grid

Every living species on this planet has an electro magnetic grid that surrounds it.
Some claim that the structure in this pendant is the structure of the grid of the most developed beings on this planet, the dolphins.

The alchemy pendant creates harmonious frequencies, purifying and balancing. It can be hanged in large spaces for purification and to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Alchemy pendant

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