Meaningful Jewelry Gifts

Gifts that Last Forever

There is no better gift than love, most people say, and there is no better way to show love for a person than to give him or her special, tangible symbol of their love through jewelry.

For Harmony For Healing For Unity
Genesa Crystal Silver With Crystal
Genesa Crystal Silver With Crystal
Price: $121
Flower of Life Pendant - Silver
Flower of Life Pendant - Silver
Price: $97
Entangled Pendant Silver
Entangled Pendant Silver
Price: $125

Giving a Gift with a Meaning

  • Unlike chocolates or flowers, jewelry gifts doesn’t have an expiration date; and unlike clothing, jewelry won’t get out of fashion nor will they wear out.
  • Meaningful Jewelry is used often to symbolize love or a strong bond between two people, like the rings exchanged in marriage, or even of a vow, such as engagement or promise rings.
  • Passed on from generation to generation, jewelry has also become memorable gifts from mother to daughter, since these heirlooms have rich history and a lot of memories attached to them.
  • The value of jewelry, especially those made with precious stones and metals appreciate over time, so you don’t just give your loved ones a trinket or ornament, you give them an investment.
  • Jewelry can also be symbols of wealth, prosperity, or even spirituality. In the form of amulets or talismans, jewelry can be worn for protection, for healing and self-balance or to remind the wearer of things most important.

For Courage For Love For Balance
Ring of Courage Silver
Ring of Courage Silver
Price: $114
Diligo Ergo Sum Ring Silver (wide)
Diligo Ergo Sum Ring Silver (wide)
Price: $130
Christ Consciousness - Silver
Christ Consciousness - Silver
Price: $114

Choosing the right Meaningful Gift

How to choose the most suitable talisman for your loved ones?
Here are two important points to consider helping you choose the gift of love and happiness for your friends and family.

Decide on what message or essence you’d like to give.
Talisman jewelry has different deep meanings, which are meant to energize and inspire the wearer. In choosing which talisman jewelry to give your loved ones, you have to keep in mind the value that will influence or inspire the wearer the most. Will he or she respond to love or courage? Does your friend need prosperity, health or peace? When deciding, use your relationship with and knowledge of that person to guide you. It is also very important to explain to the receiver of your gift (when giving it) why you selected that exact piece of jewelry for him or her.

Make your gift more personal by “shape selection.”
Shape selection is a special technique that has no scientific explanation but works great for our customers. This three-fold method works as such:
  1. Picture your friend or focus on him to determine what he likes or needs.
  2. Go through all the jewelry images in a website or store until you see pieces that catch your attention. Set aside these pieces or use the “add to cart” button in the website, so you can go back to select the perfect pieces later on.
  3. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, look at your final list one by one and see which piece or pieces fit the essence or virtue your friend or loved one needs or wants.
  4. Select the perfect piece to give.

When giving a meaningful jewelry as a gift, one should think of not only what the receiver might want, but also what he or she needs and deserves. The wellbeing, power and luck that talismans bring to the wearer is worth much, much more than any present in the world.

For Beauty For Success For Self Fulfillment
Golden Spiral Silver
Golden Spiral Silver
Price: $99
Five Metals Ring Silver
Five Metals Ring Silver
Price: $148
Inlaid Victory Ring Silver
Inlaid Victory Ring Silver
Price: $140

The Designer - David Weitzman

David Weitzman is the force behind Ka Gold Jewelry. David has dedicated himself for many years to the search for sacred knowledge. He has vast knowledge in the fields of Kabbalah, sacred geometry, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism and other sacred concepts.

The Artist - David Weitzman

15% Discount for Holidays Special
Valid Until December 25th 2018

Sirius Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*)
Price: $326

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