Spiritual Metaphysics

As word definitions go, the word “spiritual” by itself is perhaps not as intimidating, but when paired with “metaphysics” the combination becomes a big enough word to give anyone pause, especially when hearing it for the first time.

Just what does spiritual metaphysics mean?

First, it is important to remember that the definition of “spiritual metaphysics” is not etched in stone. It is a pop culture term or buzzword used by theologians and scholars of today to describe how the spiritual and physical realms meet. It is a combination of philosophical, scientific and religious concepts.

The simplest approach to understanding deep, complicated-sounding word groups is to break it down into its components, and we will do the same here. Spiritual pertains to people’s thoughts and belief systems. It refers to the non-physical human experience – emphasis on the word “experience”. Metaphysics is that branch of philosophy that looks beyond the physical reality or the fundamental nature of the world; our understanding of this reality; and why we as humans exist in it.

Keeping in mind that spirituality is experiential and that metaphysics is philosophical, spiritual metaphysics then is the belief that at its very core, our reality is not at all physical, but spiritual.

Scientific Viewpoint

As a scientific concept, spiritual metaphysics is the study of the core principles of the spirit and of life on earth. It assigns classes to spiritual power. It investigates psychic abilities and psychic occurrences. People are encouraged to explore the universe and engage with it on their own terms, free from the dictates of organized religion. It seeks to discover what makes this world tick by looking for evidence of all planes of existence.

Philosophical Viewpoint

As a philosophical concept, spiritual metaphysics studies the mind and the way it processes thoughts and events. It studies how the human character works as well as the nature of people’s relationships with others. It works with the laws of nature, both seen and unseen. Practitioners of metaphysical spirituality are committed to personal accountability because they believe in being a part of a bigger system of life that will affect those systems and thus strive to keep said systems intact and functioning.

Religious Viewpoint

Spiritual metaphysics also considered as a set of religious values and beliefs. Practitioners believe in a Prime Source that controls power and the spiritual and natural laws of the universe, both seen and unseen. Spiritual metaphysics teaches and encourages practitioners how to join forces and work with the powers that be towards the improvement of the world, of mankind and of oneself.

Eight Laws of Metaphysical Spirituality

Practitioners of Metaphysical Spirituality may follow these eight laws to help them adhere to the principles of self-improvement and living right.

The Law of Abundance – This law states that when a person offers help to those in need, be it in kind, in the form of service, time spent, kind words etc., the same will be given back to him/her tenfold.

The Law of Attraction – This law states that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Whatever we give our energy and attention to will come back to us. If we are radiating positive energy (ex. excitement, passion, happiness, joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, abundance etc.) then the universe will respond to this positive energy and give us more of the same. Conversely, if we are radiating negative energy (ex. anxiety, boredom, anger, resentment, stress, sadness etc.) then the universe will simply respond to all these negative signals and send back more of the same.

The Law of Compensation – This law works much like the Law of Karma and states that when we do good, good things will come to us. When we do bad, bad things will come to us.

The Law of Freedom –This law is at the very core of metaphysical spirituality and states that each one of us has free will and is responsible for all of our own actions, be it good or bad.

The Law of Life –This law states that we must learn about the Prime Source of the Universe as well as other sources of power, and how we fit into the bigger scheme of things in order to be better prepared to deal with the challenges of life.

The Law of Love – Considered the most important law, it states that love is the manifestation of the creative force behind all life. Love exists everywhere and in everyone, in all things seen and unseen. Love is the continual energy that flows throughout life. As we let it flow, it restores, heals and rejuvenates. It is the key to our personal and spiritual growth.

The Law of Truth –The truth shall always prevail over lies, thievery or other bad deeds.

The Law of Perfection – This law states that since the source of love is perfect, and everything is a manifestation of love, it is, therefore, possible for all things to be perfect. To strive for perfection through the practice of these laws is an integral aspect of metaphysical spirituality.

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