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God's Word 

Knew I then that in Words are the power to open the planes that are hidden from man
(Emerald tablet of Thoth)

God's Word pendant

God's Word pendant contains the concept for the creation of the universe based upon the Kabala and cosmic consciousness principals. God's Word pendant is in the shape of a hollow sphere or bubble that represents the process used by the Creator to create the consciousness within all his living creatures. The universe was created from the endless void where there was "darkness on the face of the abyss". The void is the Creator himself who has no body, form or definition. The empty sphere is the perfect way to differentiate between inside and out. In this way a point of comparison is created between inside and out, or between the "self" and the "rest".

Gold God's word pendant

God's words meaning

It must be pointed out that there is no "self" and the "rest", this is an illusion like the pure illusion that we are separate individuals. It is the "peel" (Klipa) that is spoken about in the book of Zohar (the meaning of the Hebrew word Klipa is peel).

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There is a ring around the pendant on which the word "Beresheet" (Genesis) is engraved. This word is divided into two parts so that it creates a sentence in ancient Aramaic, "Bara sheet" = created six. This refers to the projection created by the Creator within the empty space to each of the six directions, creating the 3D space.

On one side of God's word pendant there is the Hebrew letter "PE" whose literal translation is mouth through which we speak. The Creator in genesis "speaks" and creates in this way.

On the second side of the pendant, is written the Hebrew word "Vayomer" - "and God said". This represents the Holy spoken words of Genesis.

silver God's word pendant


If you look closely you can see the Hebrew letter "Beit" within the Hebrew letter "Pe". The Kabala uses the Hebrew writing called "Assyrian". The letter "Pe" in this writing includes the letter "Beit" so that the creator creates within his words the "BERESHEET" (Genesis) and the "Briaa" (Creation). These two words start with the letter "Beit" whose numerical value is 2. Since the creator is in a state of unity as one, he divides the first "cell" into two, and thus begins the process of creation.


Ancient Hebrew letters

Around the pendant are engraved the ancient Hebrew letters. These letters created the universe according to the book of "Zohar". The Hebrew letters are also numbers. Within these numbers one can see the mathematical building blocks of the universe.
The Hebrew word "Ta" which is "cell" encompasses all of the Hebrew letters from the first to the last.

And another small thing - the Hebrew word for God, the creator, is "Boreh".
The last letter of this word in Hebrew is "Aleph" - the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet whose numerical value is 1 - one. If we remove the Aleph from the word, we get the Hebrew word "Bur" which means "unaware"…..

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Gods Word Silver
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Gods Word Gold
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