Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020 12th of January 2020 event

This is a very rare, and historical, Saturn Pluto conjunction (every 34-36 years). Mind you, this is a non-traditional election; obviously enough Pluto was still not discovered in ancient times, so there is no mention of him in traditional texts. Secondly, some Astral Magicians will probably argue as to the efficacy of certain configuration in the election time, or even to the advantages of this conjunction as a Talisman.

It is my experienced opinion that not only is this is a very powerful election for a Talisman, but that it has a uniquely high level of potency, which is very very rare indeed.

This time around Pluto and Saturn are conjoining in Capricorn which is Saturn’s natural Sign, so Saturn is very dignified (essential power) and has a very stable and constructive “signal”. The last time this happened was on January 5th, 1518!!! 500 years ago!

The election time futures an alignment not only of Saturn and Pluto but of the Sun and Mercury, all aligned in a row in relation to the earth. (About a degree from an applying Cazimi – In the heart of the Sun ). Some astrologers would argue that as Saturn is invisible as he conjoins the Sun, his powers are lessened, but that’s very far from being the case, at least with regards to its psychological powers.

Saturn Pluto Talisman

Some ancient authors (like Ptolemy) say that the conjunction with the Sun, which renders a planet most invisible to the sight, is its “True Visibility’, the moment it sheds its external cloths and reveals its true universal essence. Additionally, almost all ancient astrological texts tell us that when a planet is in its own Sign he is also protected from the “solar fires”.

Adding Mercury to the mix gives a strong mental acuity and ability, and can help train the mind to achieve deep and powerful states of focus and control.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is a symbol of great titanic power, it helps in eliminating what’s useless and bringing order into chaos. Saturn in Capricorn is the mountain climber, giving discipline, practical ability and foresight. Together with Pluto, It generates a powerful unbending will and an overachiever quality, with the resilience and stamina to withstand almost anything. It has a very high intensity to focus one’s intention all the way to its concrete manifestation. It is a mark of a ‘superman’ with the strength to move mountains.

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