Egyptian Amulets for Protection

Egyptian Amulets for Protection
Part of our Mother’s day special
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When my spouse gave birth to our second daughter, an elderly woman who visited at the hospital guided the patient next to my wife how to protect the baby against evil eye: “you need to put a knife beneath the pillow at night”… So, when several clients asked me to consider making another amulet for protection, I decided to delve into the world of ancient Egyptian amulets.

The Knife Talisman for Protection (Left top)
In ancient Egypt, the knife was a symbol of protection and strength. The preferred ritual knife was the ancient flint knife – des. Knives appear frequently in representations of the Egyptian otherworld. They are used in slaying the enemies of the deceased and smoothing the passage through the land of the dead. Several protective deities, such as Bes and Taweret were often shown armed with knives. Guardians of the gates of the underworld were also shown bearing knives.

The knife was also a part of lunar symbology. The crescent moon was imagined to be a knife wielded by the God of the Moon, Thoth . Thoth was said to destroy evildoers with the crescent moon as his weapon. Harmful beings and malevolent creatures such as scorpions and snakes were often depicted cut with knives to render them powerless.

This knife talisman bears the protective images of the “Sa” symbol,the Ibis bird which is the symbol of Thoth ,another fearsome winged creature and the head of a lioness.

Egyptian Talismans for Childbirth (Bottom Left)
This talisman bears different protective images and the image of Taweret.
Deity of motherhood and protector of women and children, goddess of maternity and childbirth. Taweret was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it. She was usually depicted as a combination of a crocodile with the arms and legs of a lion; her breasts are those of a human female, and her protruding belly is that of a pregnant woman. She often holds the hieroglyphic symbol ‘sa’ in front of her- for “protection,”. Occasionally, she carried an ankh, the symbol of life, or a knife, which was be used to threaten evil spirits. The magic knives, also known as apotropaic (that is, acting to ward of evil) wands, were one of the devices used.

Knife Talisman for Protection Silver Version
Knife Talisman for Protection Gold Version

Talismans for Childbirth Silver Version
Talismans for Childbirth Gold Version

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