Merkaba Jewelry

Merkaba Jewelry
Part of our Mother’s day special

In the image below you can see the Inlaid Merkaba – a unique design created to enhance the Merkaba properties with a gemstone of your choice. The image at the bottom right was sent to us by Agata who wrote to us this lovely words:

“Hello! Thank you for beautiful jewelry: Christ Consciousness and Merkaba with peridot. It was a present for my husband’s 40th birthday. On the day of my husband’s birthday I called the customs and I was even at the post office with a tracking number of the package – I was informed that unfortunately the package is not coming today. I was so disappointed, as it was the birthday day and I didn’t have any other present for my husband. But in the evening my he checked our post box and the package was waiting there! I was very happy and he was really touched by the beauty and intense energy of your jewelry. Thank you very much! In the attachment to this email there is a nice photo that you can use together with this story, if you want 🙂 Love,”

Inlaid Merkaba Silver
Inlaid Merkaba Gold