Lunar (Moon) Talismans and Amulets

Lunar moon Talismans and Amulets

In this post, we like to share with you several Lunar (moon) Talismans and Amulets crafted by the artist David Weitzman in collaboration with the Astrologer Michael Ofek. Lunar/Moon talismans are considered to have a very general range of helpful, protective and supportive influences. The moon is mostly known to represent emotional tides and biological … Read more

Holy Jordan River Water

Lake Titicaca, Black Mesa, Chichen Itza, the Jordan, the Ganges – all of these lakes and rivers have one thing in common: Sacred Waters. These rivers, springs, and lakes have a religious significance, and are known as “Living Water.” Usually, they were sanctified by mythological and religious figures. For example, the ancient Jewish tradition set … Read more

Eternal Thought Pendant

Excited to share with you the upcoming “Eternal Thought” pendant. The model will be ready tomorrow for pre orders, on our website and Will be sent after the 24th. We will also send a newsletter and an update with the full story tomorrow. Stay tuned.  

Runes Bracelet

A finished Runes Bracelet. The customer chose these three runes. Notice the Viking dragons on each size. Quite happy with the details and the outcome…. View item here –

Eternal Thought Pendant

The upcoming “Eternal Thought” pendant. Based on a legend from the 2nd century BC, the ancient symbol of the Auroboros, the Biblical story of the burning bush and stretching the boundaries of our own free will.

Flower of Life Pendant

Setting beautiful tiny Emeralds in this 14k gold Flower of Life pendant. Great choice by the client who ordered this piece because Emerald is considered as the stone of wisdom. View the Product here –

Personalized Cosmic Sigil

Another Personalized Cosmic Sigil in its final stages of “birth” engulfed in flames. View Item Here –  

Finished 18k Metatron’s Cube Pendant

A finished 18k gold and silver Metatron’s Cube pendant. This structure is hidden in the Flower of Life and is the geometric key to the building blocks of our reality.