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David Weitzman is a cosmic jewelry Artist. He started off with his creations in 1998. You may have a glimpse of his sacred world, on his website, Ka gold jewelry. Unlike ordinary jewelry, his trinkets possess certain ‘charms’ in them. You read it right, charms, they are festooned with healing powers, which are imbibed in them by some kind of ‘energizing process’, wanna know more, well, scroll down to know the answer,
Gordian knot
1. My, first question is, what drew you towards designing and that also ‘cosmic jewelry’?

David: As a child I loved animals and nature and wanted to be a zoologist or an archeologist. I was fascinated by nature, I still am, and I’ve noticed the laws and regularities of nature. I read many books during my childhood about ancient cultures such as ancient

Greece and Egypt and the Mayan culture and was amazed at how all the structures they built and all their theories repeat the same Geometrical shapes and laws. I remembered this throughout the years and when I grew up I’ve studied the Sacred Geometry which regulates all that is around us in the world. This is why I decided to create jewelry that uses these very specific geometrical shapes. I’m actually doing what I dreamed of as a child – using the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient cultures to show the mathematical laws and unity in all that exists in nature.2. From where do you get the perennial source of encouragement in moving ahead in your sphere?David: I get great encouragement to continue creating because every model I create is created out of my personal interest. When I achieve a new understanding that I want to pass to others I create a new model. This is why each piece of jewelry is meaningful. I thought a lot about how I could pass an idea to someone who is far away, someone in a far country, speaking a different language. The shapes I use in my jewelry are my way of doing that because they are free of language barriers.
Merkaba prana small
3. We’d like to know more about the ‘energizing process’, which the jewelry created by you goes through?

David: The special energizing process all the jewelry go through is very complex and comes from a long meditative process. It is similar to what Mekubalim (Kabala practitioners) call ‘Kavanot’ (intentions) and the Hindus call ‘Samadi’. It is a conscious state, created after a very long process of meditation, where one has the ability to affect reality, not by physical actions, but by thought.

4. You’ve mentioned it in your webpage that people do contact you after wearing the ‘cosmic jewelry’. We’d like you to tell us more about it, I mean, have they accounted any interesting effects after wearing your jewelry?David: Many people contact me to tell me of changes in their lives after wearing my jewelry. One of the most amazing stories is one that I’ve witnessed myself and that had encouraged me to continue making jewelry. When I first started creating jewelry, I started with the model of the Merkaba and gave the pendants to friends and relatives. One of the people I gave it to was a very nice young man who used to come to my house a lot and was, sadly, a drug addict. One night I woke up and found him sleeping on our sofa, shaking, grinding his teeth and sweating. The next day I decided to give him the Merkaba pendant and explained to him about this shape and what it means. The change was amazing!! – Within a day he stopped smoking (even cigarettes); in 2 weeks he was wearing white and practicing meditation. Until then, it was practically impossible to interact with this person, who had been using very heavy drugs, and we really thought that he was lost. Within a few months he was completely ‘clean’ of the drugs and was meditating for 8 hours (!!) with a smile on his face and he is as lucid as can be. Today he has a cute child and he lives on an organic farm in the north of


Seed oflife
5. I am curious to know your talisman amongst all your created pieces?

David: I’m currently wearing a wrought iron ring that I’ve made for myself and has great personal symbolic meaning. For a long while I was wearing the Personal creation pendant because I had started making the jewelry to bring the shapes and values of Sacred Geometry to people and this pendant has many of those in it: the Seed of life, the Fibonacci sequence, the Pi value and more.

6. May we have the honor of knowing your future plans with respect to your designs? And presently, what are the interesting things that have hooked your attention?David: There are many designs I would like to create and ideas I would like to manifest but I’m not sure people are ready for them so for the moment I’m creating some of them for myself. These days, I’m working on creating a Metatron’s cube which is a shape that contains all the molecular shapes combined together. This is a very complex model, including many shapes one inside the other and will be about 20cm large. I want to create a few of these and place them in different places in the world because this shape is known to have very strong influences on its surroundings.
Dune ring

7. Any parting words of wisdom, you’d like to give to our readers?

David: I would like to tell all your readers – Never believe anything you are told and take it for granted – go out and check it for yourselves!! And as well, know that we are all merely molecules bouncing all over…

8. Finally, we would like to have your thoughts on the Instablogs News Network and all its related sites. Which one is your favorite?

David: I found InstaBlogs sites very interesting and especially the one that deals with Economy. Since money is behind many things in our world today (politics, wars and even religion) I find this is site helps understand “where the wind is blowing” in our world, it reflects movements and gives the ability to see world trends.

Last but not the least, I’d like to thank David for this fabulous interview and wish him luck for all his future endeavors.

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