Jupiter Exaltation Talisman

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman
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This is a description of “The Seal of Jupiter” from the ancient magical text – The book of Alexander. The text describes its uses, both physically and circumstantially:
“How to make the Seal of Jupiter which diminishes weakness and ends physical discomfort”.

The text continues:
“He who uses it will be loved by all people, who will praise and compliment him. If you have a dispute with an adversary you will be able to dominate him and yet also be on good terms with him. It is powerful in controlling judges and religious men. Whoever uses it will conquer anything he is confronted with, be saved from any danger and even in transactions of great risk he will gain.”
(Translation – Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold)

The central image in this talisman was taken from the Greek and Roman mythology. It is the Aquila – the Roman/Greek symbol of Zeus/Jupiter’s powerful eagle who served him as a messenger. It is a replica of an ancient Roman coin from my private collection. The symbols on the outside ring are some of the ancient magic seals of Jupiter. The three symbols in gold are of course the symbols of Jupiter the Sun and the Moon.

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