New – Key of Elijah

This pendant is inspired by the story of the prophet Elijah in the book of Kings. There it tells of Elijah proposing a test to show that the Hebrew G-d is the real and only god and that the Baal is a false god. He competes alone against 450 Baal prophets. They build an altar, make a sacrifice, pray and cut themselves but their god doesn’t answer and Elijah ridicules at them.

Key of Elijah

At this point, he sends out for 12 rocks and 4 barrels of water. He builds an altar for G-d from the 12 rocks and digs a drench around it. He commands filling the drench with water from the barrels and repeating it 3 times (3×4=12). He then asks G-d to accept the sacrifice. At that moment a fire came from the sky and ignited the sacrifice. All the people who witnessed this event immediately re-accepted G-d as the only one and true and the Baal prophets were put to death. 
In the pendant you can see 4 triangles with 12 vertexes and in the middle is created a perfect square. In the story of Elijah we have 12 stones and 12 barrels of water – 12×12=144 which is the twelfth number in the Fibonacci series, which enfolds the secrets to the order of the universe.
The letter in the middle is a version of the Hebrew letter SHIN which usually has only 3 arms but legends say the when redemption comes this letter will have 4 arms as shown in the pendant. The Hebrew engraving on the parameter of the pendant is the story from the book of Kings.

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