The Life Of Buckminster Fuller

the life of buckminster fuller

Richard Buckminster Fuller was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on July 12, 1895. His parents were Richard Buckminster Fuller and Caroline Wolcott Andrews, and he was a great-grandson of Margaret Fuller, a famous American writer, critic, and women’s rights activist affiliated with the American transcendentalism organization. Fuller grew up on Bear Island in Penobscot Bay, off … Read more

The 4 Suits Of Minor Arcana

Tarot Minor Arcana

Tarot cards initially emerged in 15th century Italy. Originally, they were cards used for gambling, thus the money, wand, sword, and cups used by medieval street magicians. These cards were then used for occult rituals and esoteric symbolism. Other than those, tarot cards are also used for divination. For instance—the Minor Arcana, which are the … Read more

New Editions for jupiter Talismans

Jupiter Talismans

New Editions of Jupiter Talismans were made with Jupiter in the second degree of Pisces, in two consecutive elections, featuring the same auspicious configuration – The Jupiter-Venus Trine with Mutual Reception by Exaltation (Each in each other exaltation sign). Election for Jupiter Talismans – June 3rd.2021 between 0:32 – 0:50, Givataim, Israel). Features Jupiter in … Read more

Holiday 2020 Jewelry Coupon

Holidays 2020 Coupon

We are happy to announce that our 15% holiday coupon is now available (KAGOLD2020). If you are considering buying some jewelry as gifts for the holidays, now is a great time to do so to make sure they arrive on time. How to use the coupon code? Browse and add items to cart When ready, … Read more

New Design and Article – Alchemical Cosmic tree

Alchemy Cosmic Tree

Many think of Alchemy as an ancient quest to transform metals into precious gold and obtain eternal life, but it is much more than that. The concept of Alchemy encapsulates the ancient beliefs and teaching of the ancient Egyptians, the Greek philosophers, the origins of chemistry, medicine, physics, and modern science. Read more in the … Read more

Veahavta Campaign

A few days ago we have joined a wonderful campaign in Israel for raising money for charities that support old people and Holocaust Survivors. The campaign is called Veahavta (Thou shalt love) and is based on selling designed items with the phrase – “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” where all profits will be … Read more

The Journey Inwards

Journey Inwards

In the midst of lockdowns and travel restrictions around the world, it is time to consider another concept of the journey, but not a one that actually requires us to hop in on an airplane, a different journey. The journey inwards. Humans have the amazing ability to travel inwards to learn about themselves. The boat … Read more

Buddhist Wisdom in Jewelry

buddhist wisdom jewelry

We like to share with you several designs that hold enlightening meaning that can help in seeing reality in a better perspective. The designs are inspired by Buddhist wisdom and the wise King Solomon. This will also Change The two designs are tied with a story that originated in Buddhism. The tale is about two … Read more