Joshua’s Testimonial

 “The pendant (Merkaba with prana sphere) arrived I put it on and felt immediate energy increase. I could feel strong steady flow of prana/lifeforce energy going into my body. I was like ‘wow this pendant really is special’ then I read the scroll that came with the card about the pendant. I am so glad … Read more

The Discus fish

One of my greatest hobbies is growing exotic fish (especially Discus fish). I love fish because the idea behind the Vesica Pisces (literally “the measure of the fish”) which is the basic of the universe’s proportion.   From my aquarium:     I also feel very connected to the philosophy concerning water and their ability … Read more

Insta Interview

David Weitzman is a cosmic jewelry Artist. He started off with his creations in 1998. You may have a glimpse of his sacred world, on his website, Ka gold jewelry. Unlike ordinary jewelry, his trinkets possess certain ‘charms’ in them. You read it right, charms, they are festooned with healing powers, which are imbibed in … Read more