What were you made for?

Creating another “What were you made for” pendant. The octahedral structure symbolizes the time and space continuum, and inside the pendant lies a silver question mark with the best question there is. Now with 15% discount until September the 25th. https://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/p-newsletter/september-2018-2.php

Mars Exaltation Talisman New Edition

Adding some final touches to this Mars Talisman. A few pieces of this Limited Edition was assembled on August 29th, 2018 between 16:44-17:13 GMT+3. https://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/p-products/mars-talisman-silver.php We are very fortunate to have a second opportunity for making the Exalted Mars Talisman this year (instead of waiting two years for the next one!). That is because Mars … Read more Mars Exaltation Talisman New Edition

The New Venus in Libra

View Talismans here – https://goo.gl/CKfgzD A small figurine of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. I’ve placed this image on the front of the new limited edition of the New Venus in Libra Talisman. Hathor who was later identified as Venus personified the principles of joy, music, feminine love, and motherhood.


THE BIRTH OF A TALISMAN Feel free to share it. Related items – https://goo.gl/jskAnv ———————————————————————- I’m super excited to announce the new, must watch, video – “The Birth of a Talisman”. This video is a collaborative effort with the astrologer Michael Ofek, myself and the most talented video artist Amit Schwachter from “Make it Awesome” … Read more THE BIRTH OF A TALISMAN

The Pendant of Acceptance

The Pendant of Acceptance —————————————————– View Designs – https://goo.gl/XhMWae (Now 15% off) —————————————————– The Pendant of Acceptance is based on a design made by Holly Hopkins. Holly received the silver abundance ring as a gift from us and in return, she decided to send us this beautiful symbol. Her beautiful explanation and inspiring story led … Read more The Pendant of Acceptance