Sterling Silver Jewelry Oxidation and Tarnishing

All of our pieces are made from traditional 925 silver commonly known as “Sterling Silver”. It is an alloy that is composed of 92.5% pure silver (hence the name 925 silver) and 7.5% copper or other metals. The main reason for using the 925 silver alloys is to strengthen the silver which is relatively soft.

Unlike pure silver, the Sterling silver will oxidize because of the small content of the other metals, particularly the copper. That is what causes the dark patina that can be seen on vintage silver jewelry. We use this feature and oxidize many pieces on purpose in order to emphasize the unique engravings on our jewelry and to give it the ancient look and feel.

Unlike many manufacturers, we don’t coat our pieces in Rhodium or pure silver, since the ageing or oxidizing process is part of the design. Other manufacturers use Rhodium to give extra shine and to protect against Oxidation. Because we don’t use Rhodium coating, exposing our silver jewelry to acidic materials might create an unwanted effect, and might tarnish the piece of jewelry.

Acidic sweat, cleaning materials, chlorine in pools, or even cosmetics might cause this unwanted effect, and sometimes the only solution is to refinish it.

Sample of Tarnished Genesa Crystal

The best way to keep your silver jewelry clean is to make sure to normally clean them with a dedicated silver jewelry cleaning cloth and silver jewelry cleaning material. Also, when not wearing them, keep them in a dry clean location.

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