The 4 Suits Of Minor Arcana

Tarot cards initially emerged in 15th century Italy. Originally, they were cards used for gambling, thus the money, wand, sword, and cups used by medieval street magicians. These cards were then used for occult rituals and esoteric symbolism.

Other than those, tarot cards are also used for divination. For instance—the Minor Arcana, which are the suit cards in a deck of tarot cards—are used to symbolize the components of our daily lives. These are used to foresee our everyday relationships, along with other practical aspects and how they may influence our future.
Not only that, but the Minor Arcana also provides insights into previous events and offers advice on the actions that you may have to make for a better future. If you want to know more, let’s dive into four suits of tarot cards of Minor Arcana.

4 Suits Of Tarot Cards Minor Arcana

Tarot cards are divided into four suits: Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Wands. Each of the four suits reflects a distinct aspect of our lives, each of which corresponds to one of the four aspects:


These Minor Arcana Cups are related to relationships, emotions, love, and connections, and they cope with the emotional plane of awareness. Moreover, the water’s element is associated with these cups. Water might be delicate and soothing, like crashing waves against the sandy coast, or vigorous and even aggressive, like a roaring torrent.
Furthermore, water represents intuition, emotions and feelings, fluidity, relationships, healing, and purification. It is a feminine aspect that portrays the subtle strength that many women possess. Also, it is open, adaptive, cleansing, and flowing.

Tarot Cups


The Minor Arcana sword suit is concerned with the intellectual plane of awareness, concentrated on the intellect and mind. Swords reflect the mental state shown in your beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts.
A sword is frequently double-edged. It represents the delicate balance between intelligence and might and how these two components may be employed for evil or good. As a result, to have the most significant favourable influence, these swords must be matched by feeling (Cups) and spirit (Wands).
Moreover, these Minor Arcana swords are associated with air. Air is invisible and unseen, yet it is also constantly moving. The air might be silent and almost undetected, or it can become a breeze or a strong wind. It is potent while yet being refreshing and purifying.
Lastly, the air’s element represents power, activity, knowledge, and change. It is a male spirit that, while invisible, can lead with force and might.

Tarot- Swords


These Minor Arcana pentacles are associated with the earth’s element and diamond’s suit. As a result, the pentacles often depict the status of our most fundamental requirements—shelter, water, food, breathing, rest, warmth, basic security, equilibrium, sleep, and safety.
In addition, pentacles represent the level of abundance in our life. They show even if we’re not emotionally receptive to the universe’s kindness. Also, they present a 360-degree view of our abilities to fulfil our most primitive global demands and explain how and why.
We may feel worried, uncertain, poor decision making, and an excessive separation from the world once we’re out of balance in this region. Pentacles assist us in better understanding the problem and guiding us to the answers we seek.

Tarot - Pentacles

Furthermore, although the pentacles are the most earthly among the suits, they regularly use profound metaphysical imagery. Although the specific meaning of each pentacle may vary depending on the others in the spread, the majority of pentacles have pretty detailed and precise purposes.


These wands are associated with the fire element, whereas the club’s suit is associated with spring. As a result, the wand tends to reflect the status of our burning passions in life—the goals we want to achieve, the tasks we would like to work on, our careers, and our significant interests, including our political and social activities.
Wands also indicate whether we can establish and keep to viable plans or not. They demonstrate how we deal with challenges, whether we give up too fast or keep our perseverance. Also, they show our link to the long-term activity.
We believe that the world is conspiring against us. We must develop our leadership abilities, and we must rediscover our inner power and determination. The wand cards provide us with these facts with remarkable precision. Moreover, each wand can affect the course of a reading, either positively or negatively. Nevertheless, they are equally effective in readings.

Tarot - Wands

Differences Between Major And Minor Arcana

Let us see what the differences between the major and minor arcana are:

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana represents life’s major themes and lessons, ranging from strength and temperance to death and judgment.
A Major Arcana shows up in a reading indicating that essential; overarching energy is present instead of a more minor or mundane life circumstance. A reading that is full of Major Arcana means a vital lesson or shift is happening. It indicates the presence of possibly life energy.

Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana copes with central ideas and words of wisdom, the Minor Arcana copes with more short-term or transitory life situations. Things like deceit, cooperation, contemplation, rest, and appreciation are examples of such behaviours.
Although each Major Arcana is distinct, the Minor Arcana is part of a system that has been repeated. Understanding numerology fundamentals might make it easier to understand to read the Minor Arcana.
The principles and duties of these Minor Arcana four suits are derived from ancient Greek philosophy and mythology. Air, water, earth, and fire were the four elements that described the world based on various attributes. These elements were considered the building blocks of all life, including humans, minerals, animals, and plants.

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