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February 1st 2021 (Seed of Life 14K) - Angela Henso, Kentucky, USA
December 1st 2020 (Genesa Crystal with Crystal 14K) - Fox Ariah-Machado, CA USA
October 1st 2020 (Merkaba Prana Sphere 14K) - Andrea DeSharone, MA USA
August 1st 2020 (Merkaba Medium 14K) - Linda Thorp, Molesworth Australia
June 1st 2020 (Seed of Life 14K) - Mae Edwards Sacramento, CA, USA
April 1st 2020 (Genesa Crystal with Crystal 14K) - Sarah QLD, Australia
February 1st 2020 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Karen Pembroke, USA
December 1st 2019 (Seed of Life 14K) - Megan Claramunt, USA
October 1st 2019 (Merkaba Medium 14K) - Shelly Cofini, USA
August 1st 2019 (Genesa Crystal with Crystal 14K) - Linda Swaving, New Zealand
June 1st 2019 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Mary Lozano, TX, USA
April 1st 2019 (Merkaba Medium 14K) - Cameron Allen TN, USA
February 1st 2019 (Seed of Life 14K) - Jean, Slovenia
December 1st 2018 (Genesa Crystal with Crystal 14K) - Rhiannon, CA, USA
October 1st 2018 (Merkaba Prana Sphere 14K) - Dana Gershon, Israel
August 1st 2018 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Glenn Pare, MA, USA
June 1st 2018 (Seed of Life 14K) - Jennifer Egan, Dubli, Ireland
April 1st 2018 (Merkaba Pendant 14K) - Naomi Towan, Victoria, AUS
February 1st 2018 (Seed of Life 14K) - Tara Marshall, MD, USA
December 1st 2017 (Merkaba Prana 14K) - Anna Allen, CA, USA
October 1st 2017 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Donna Cullum, CO, USA
August 1st 2017 (Seed of Life 14K) - Stephanie Petersen, South Africa
June 1st 2017 (Merkaba Prana 14K) - Reese SanAgustin, WA, USA
April 1st 2017 (Seed of Life 14K) - Kandice Braswell, San Diego, USA
February 1st 2017 (Merkaba Pendant 14K) - Joanna Weber, Hawaii, USA
December 1st 2016 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Nathalie Berlivet, France
October 1st 2016 (Merkaba Pendant 14K) - Linda Zucker, WA, USA
August 1st 2016 (Nautilus Pendant 14K) - Jazmyn Peoples, PA, USA
June 1st 2016 (Merkaba Medium 14K) - Cynthia Barrett Penna, USA
April 1st 2016 (Seed of Life 14K) - Sheri Herndon Seattle, WA US
February 1st 2016 (Merkaba Prana 14K) - Hatti Noel UT US
December 1st 2015 (Eye of Horus 14K) - Lydia Proschinger Germany
October 1st 2015 (Genesa Crystal with Crystal 14K) - Eden Clark CA US
August 1st 2015 (Inlaid Merkaba 14K) - April Howey MN US
June 1st 2015 (Seed of Life With Diamonds 14K) - Robin Premo MD US
April 1st 2015 (Merkaba Prana 14K) - Kim Male FL US
February 1st 2015 (Inlaid Egg of Life) - Ginger Grasshopper NY US
December 1st 2014 (Emerald Tablet Talisman) - Peggy Nelson WI US
October 1st 2014 (14K Gold Merkaba Prana Sphere) - Christine Constance BC Canada
August 1st 2014 (5 Genesa with Crystal Silver) - Veronica, Esther, Angelica, Patricia, Shirley
June 1st 2014 (5 Flower of Life Silver) - Rachel, Egle, Meghan, Myrna and Deanna
April 1st 2014 (Seed of Life 14K Gold) - Susan Gash, US
February 1st 2014 (genesa crystal Gold with Crystal) - Beate Allmendinger, Germany
December 1st 2013 (Merkaba gold 14k) - Susan Jackson Calinda USA
October 1st 2013 (Genesa Crystal Gold with Crystal) - Julie Thompson Longview, TX
August 1st 2013 (Merkaba Prana Gold) - Ivey Lamos From Asheville USA
June 1st 2013 (Gordian knot Gold Medium) - Jessie From Pender Island Canada
April 1st 2013 (Merkaba Gold Medium) - Karen Douglass From United State
February 1st 2013 (Seed of Life Gold) - Aureliana Enache From United Kingdom
December 1st 2012 (genesa crystal Gold with Crystal) - Noelle from NY
October 2012 (4 Golden Spiral Silver) - Har Ping, Edna Koenig, Amber, Jonathan
September 2st 2012 (4 Flower of Life Silver) - Raquel, Zeeneb, Janet, Inner Essence
August 1st 2012 (Gordian Knot pendant Gold) - Winnie Beckerling from South Africa
June 1st 2012 (Creation pendant Gold) - Crystal Bell from Minnesota USA
April 1st 2012 (Golden Spiral Gold) - Jennifer Hamilton from Montreal
February 1st 2012 (Nautilus Gold) - D.C. Torres San Antonio TX
December 1st 2011 (Merkaba medium Gold) - Joseph Gabrielson From Canada
October 1st 2011 (Enneagram pendant Gold) - Skky blue Gavrielle from Tulsa OK USA
August 1st 2011 (Creation pendant Gold) - Marin Lifshits sent to Russia
June 1st 2011 (Nautilus pendant Gold) - Melisa Virginillo Canada
April 1st 2011 (Merkaba medium pendant gold) - Franziska Hub Germany
February 1st 2011 (Enneagram pendant gold) - Bernice Drake SC USA
December 1st 2010 (Flower of life pendant gold) - Linda Weinbaum MA USA
October 1st 2010 (Genesa Crystal pendant gold) - Allison Law NJ USA
August 1st 2010 (Tree of life pendant gold) - Terri Gartman WA USA
June 1st 2010 (Enneagram pendant gold) - Anna-Lisa STOCKHOLM SWEDEN
April 1st 2010 (Personal Creation gold) - Richard Alexandra Cornwall UK
February 1st 2010 (Merkaba prana sphere gold) - Nickcold Charlotte USA
December 1st 2009 (Seed of life Gold) - Rhonda from St. Anne Pl. Hobbs, NM USA
October 1st 2009 (Genesa Crystal with crystal gold) – Moona from Woodland USA
August 1st 2009 (Golden spiral gold pendant) – Amy from Brooklyn NY USA
June 1st 2009 (Flower of life gold) – Kara from Eugene USA

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Ka Gold Jewelry Features David Weitzman Spiritual Jewelry Artwork.

David's Jewelry harness the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry to bring those wearing them happiness, vitality, excitement and love. We invite you to join us on a journey full of Harmony, Beauty, ancient wisdom and symbolism.

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